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Kim Kardashian Cries & Admits She ‘Feels Bad’ About Kanye’s ‘Downfall’ After Antisemitism

Kanye West's antisemitic and racist comments took a toll on Kim Kardashian during the July 6 episode of 'The Kardashians.'

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Kim Kardashian had a breakdown over the behavior of her ex-husband, Kanye West, on the July 6 episode of The Kardashians. The episode was filmed in October 2022 after Kanye was dropped from his partnerships with Adidas and other brands due to making horrific, public, antisemitic comments. Kim met up with Khloe and broke down in tears over the situation. “It sucks when someone doesn’t see how different they are,” she admitted. “You always hope you see a glimpse of [that person], and I hope I do.”

Kim told her sister that she couldn’t “get it together” for a meeting that she was already an hour late for. “I feel so bad for him,” Kim admitted. “I don’t even know if he feels bad for himself. I don’t know if he knows how. But I feel so bad.” Khloe described Kanye’s behavior as “watching a car crash in slow motion,” because she and the rest of the family were “helpless” to do anything. Kim added, “It’s really confusing to me. [He’s] so different than the person I married. That’s who I loved and who I remember and I’ll do anything to get that person back.”

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Kim and Kanye out and about. (MEGA)

Amidst the controversies, Kim admitted that she hadn’t even spoken to her ex-husband, who is also the father of her four kids. “He’ll probably go off on me,” she said. At the time of Kanye’s controversy, Kim didn’t publicly make a statement directly about the rapper. However, she did post on social media in support of the Jewish community. “People dropped him today and I’m it my fault because I posted that?” she wondered. “Did that push them? I should’ve just kept quiet, but then I’m vocal about everything else. I never know what to do.”

Khloe assured Kim that none of the backlash Kanye was receiving was her fault. “He’s had so many opportunities to retract what he said and he would double down,” Khloe pointed out. In a confessional, she also made it clear that none of her family members share Kanye’s views. “We think it’s gravely irresponsible,” she said. “We are all aware of the following Kanye has and how his words can be used to rile up.” She also explained to Kim that she can relate to how she’s feeling, because she still feels bad about the backlash that her exes, Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson, faced for mistakes they made themselves.

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Kim and Kanye at an event. (JASON SZENES/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

“You’re such a good person and that’s why you feel like this,” Khloe said. “Your heart is breaking for him. People have probably wanted to cancel him for a long time and he always said, ‘I’m not cancellable,’ but this is probably the last thing.” Kim admitted that she wasn’t sure how to “emotionally manage” the situation, especially because there are children involved. “I don’t ever want to jump in and be part of a downfall for the father of my kids,” she explained. “It’s really f***** hard.”

In another scene, Kim spent some quality time with all four of her kids. “Obviously there’s time in life when things get really hectic and I think you have to tune it all out and realize that being a mom and being really present is the most important thing,” she said. “I am just in protection mode of my kids and just trying to hide everything. It’s hard for me to figure out, like…if they don’t know anything, then why wouldn’t dad come over for dinner? Why isn’t dad at [their] things? That kills me. It’s the one thing that gives me anxiety. Then I’m embarrassed if someone’s going to say something at a game or function. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been managing it the best way I know how because I want my kids to see a healthy dad. I take it day by day.”