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Charlie Puth Lounges Nude In Bathtub In Sexy New ‘Interview’ Shoot: ‘I Love Being Naked’

The 'See You Again' popstar posed for a series of alluring photos, while opening up about the joys of literally baring it all.

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Image Credit: Matthew Leifheit

Charlie Puth looked sexy in a new set of photos accompanying his piece in Interview Magazinewhich was published on Tuesday, June 13. The “Attention” singer, 31, looked fantastic in a series of seductive shots, including him in the bathtub (both nude and in a tank top). He also opened up about embracing sexuality and writing songs, perfect for posing nude.

Charlie poses in the bathtub for ‘Interview.’ (Matthew Leifheit)

Charlie didn’t shy away from showing off his body in the photos that accompanied the interview. He posed in a bubble bath for two of the shots. In one, he appeared to be completely naked, and in another, he sported a gray tank top and a pair of black cowboy boots that dangled outside of the tub. Other than the tub shots, he also had another photo where he was shirtless. In another photo, he rocked a black leather outfit, with a jacket and pants, while also showing off his bare chest.

Charlie isn’t afraid to get his top wet. (Matthew Leifheit)

In the interview, Charlie spoke about how he remembered seeing people taking nude photos of themselves on Tumblr and thought about what they may have been listening to while snapping the photos, alluding to some of the inspiration for his new self-titled album. He also opened up about how he appreciates both being nude and his own body. “I really have always loved being naked,” he said. “What’s wrong with liking your features? I have really long arms and abnormally large hands. That’s probably why I play piano. Even today, I woke up and it’s kind of fun to look at yourself naked and admire your body.”

He later admitted that he even likes when he can strip down and spend time outside. “I’m not going to ever be inappropriate and naked in front of people who don’t want to see me naked. But If I’m in my backyard, there’s a lot of trees back there and I know that no one’s looking in, I feel safe. You get a lot of vitamin D,” he said.

Charlie strikes a sexy pose in an all-leather outfit. (Matthew Leifheit)

Later in the interview, Charlie opened up about his own sex playlist preferences (like “Blue In Green” by Miles Davis). He also admitted that he didn’t necessarily consider his latest album to be “sexy,” but he revealed that the next record will be perfect to soundtrack moments of admiring himself. “This next album, however, now that I’ve grown as a person, the goal is to make the music that’s going to be playing in the background when I do look at myself in the mirror,” he said.

Charlie shows off his bare chest in a photo. (Matthew Leifheit)

Charlie has been pretty open about his sexuality and romantic endeavors in recent interviews. He admitted that he lost his virginity to a fan when he was 21 years old in a May 2022 interview with BustleIn April of that year, he also shared a few photos of himself in boxer briefs on his Instagram.