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Cardi B & Offset’s Son Wave, 1, Plays With $100 Bills While Rocking Diamond Earrings In Wild Photo

Offset and Cardi B's boy is not even two-years-old yet, and he's already making it rain like a pro.

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Image Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

How many two-year-olds do you know whose toys include stacks of hundred-dollar bills? On Thursday, Offset shared a video of “Bad Boy Wave,” his and Cardi B’s son, who turns 2 in September. In the vid and pictures posted to Instagram, Wave – wearing a designer diaper – plays with giant stacks of $100  bills. In each picture, which seems to have been taken inside Offset’s closet, the tot tosses around enough money to cover a month’s rent, all while wearing diamond earrings that might be worth more than the money on the ground.

“Baby wave using my life savings as a toy,” joked one fan. “This baby has more money than I will ever ever ever have and literally am old, like old enough to have money,” said another. A lot of fans marveled over this in the comments section. “The custom diaper cover is a REAL FLEX! Wavey already eating the fashion game up!” “Can I get a couple of them hundreds?” “Baby boy Wave just walking around & dropping money like it’s nothing.”

This closet also features custom rugs bearing the likeness of Offset and the late Takeoff. “I spy the Takeoff piece I made,” said Janna Savatgy in the comments section.

On Tuesday, Offset took his sonsJordan, whom he shares with Justine Watson, and Kody, whom he had with Oriel Jamie – to the premiere of Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. Kody, 7, Jordan, 13, and even Wave all wore leather outfits for the event, matching their father, who sported a red motorcycle jacket. The four looked like the baddest biker gang on the playground, especially since they all had matching sunglasses.

Wave and Offset (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

At the end of May, Offset opened up about how settling down with Cardi, 31, helped him kick his lifelong codeine habit. “I was drinking my whole career,” he said in an interview with Variety, saying he “put down lean [slang for codeine] after seeing how Cardi treats all his children like her own. “[Lean] opened my mind up, but I never thought it helped me create. I feel like getting past that, cleaning up and putting that message out.”

“She always got my back, right or wrong,” he added. “We both are on the same mission to make each other better. Social is her strong point, so I listen to her social advice. And me, it’s the music, but I play behind the scenes; it’s my wife so I want to make sure she win.”