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Geometric & Sparkling, These Earrings Will Dress Up Any Look

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Earrings have been the most popular item in fashion since the 19th century. Some women don’t even remove them any time to keep their ear piercings open. In this modern era, earrings are no longer considered a feminine fashion, and they are as popular items with women as men. Buying a pair of earrings can be a highly complex task, especially if you will buy them for someone else. No matter how expensive the pair is, it might not suit a particular person. Facial design and features are essential to consider before buying an earring. Moreover, the person’s personal preference also matters a lot as some earrings may hurt a particular person. Then there is material and type of earrings, whether they are worn through piercing or clips. We will discuss all these queries plus every type of earring to consider before making a final choice so that you can easily select the top earrings in 2024.

Our Favorite Earrings of 2024

SUNYIK Earrings  —  Best Overall

These natural gemstone earrings are a handmade quartz geode and crystal blend. They are approximately 1-2 inches in length, are gold plated and as the crystals are natural, will all vary in size, shape, and color. These particular ones have cool graduated tones of earthy brown, tan gray, and black with a unique and irregular shape.


  • The fishhook backings are gold plated


  • These are for pierced ears only

Nupuyai Earrings  —  Runner Up

These agate-sliced dangle earrings have an irregular shape giving them a unique, one-of-a-kind look. They are finished and electroplated with gold or silver that follow the natural edge of the stone and are polished on both sides. These earrings will look amazing with the hair pulled back to frame the face and will work for both formal and casual occasions.


  • These earrings come packaged in a pink storage pouch ready for gifting


  • Due to the natural stone make-up, each pair of earrings will vary in color, size, shape and texture

SOFIA MILANI Earrings  —  Most Classic

The SOFIA MILANI Earrings are a timeless and elegant choice for any jewelry lover. Crafted from luxurious 925 sterling silver, these earrings feature a classic design that looks great for any occasion. The sterling silver has been treated with rhodium, which helps strengthen its resistance against corrosion and tarnishing, making the earrings last longer. Furthermore, the earrings are hypoallergenic and free of nickel alloys, so they are completely harmless and allergy-friendly.


  • High-quality and durable material


  • May easily slip and fall from the ears

Ruubssy Earrings  —  Also Consider

These colorful druzy stone earrings combine a natural quartz geode with superb craftsmanship. These drop earrings have a sparkling wave cuff design and a unique chain tassel holding the two stones together. These are great earrings to take on your next vacation or to add a colorful pop to any neutral or monochromatic outfit. They will also look amazing with a tan and their drop, dangling style flatters any face shape.


  • These earrings are comfortable and easy to wear


  • These are not real stones

Buying Guide: Earrings

Earrings can make a significant difference in a woman's personality; great earrings can be both comfortable to wear and fashionable. Moreover, they complete a woman’s outfit. However, like other jewelry items, there are many things to look for before selecting a perfect pair for your ears or especially for someone else.


There is a wide range of materials when it comes to earrings. These materials differ concerning looks, durability, and price point. Usually, earrings are made from metal alloys, steel, gold, silver, and nickel. These materials may be mixed together and even with other materials like plastic and even diamond decorations. The more expensive the material is, the more durable it is. For instance, steel and cheap metal alloys without any protective covering will look good when buying but will turn black in no time.

It’s best to look for the exact material type if you buy an expensive earring for a long duration of use. For instance, if an earring is gold, how much gold does the earring have because 14k gold usually means less than 60% gold mixed with other metals like copper and silver. Lastly, look for the material that suits you and is also physically easy to carry. Like some people are allergic to certain metals, so avoid that.

Popular Styles of Earrings


Studs are all-time favorite earrings as both men and women can wear them. Studs are small earrings that are easy to wear and light in weight. They are plain for men but usually come with gem pieces for women.


Hoops have been the most popular style of earrings lately. They come in different sizes, with small ones covering around the year's end, but big ones have extended circles. These attract less attention like studs and are pretty decent too.

Drops and dangles

They also look exquisite on several occasions and attract attention too. They come in lighter weights with better quality materials, but they are usually heavy. Some drops are pretty long, and they extend up to your shoulders.

Pierced or clips

Most earrings are pierced; however, there are other options if you don’t want holes in your ears, like clips and magnets. However, magnets are out of the option if you are an adult. It’s best to go for clip-ons if you buy affordable earrings. It’s also better to go for pierced ones if you buy expensive earrings made from gold or diamond.

Size and Style

Size and shape matter a lot for women. Men usually wear small-sized stud earrings around their ears. Women wear according to the occasion. It’s best to go with the small ones if you don’t want to draw much attention to your earrings. However, the large ones have been trendy lately, usually in hoops. For formal occasions, it’s best to go with small yet expensive earrings; for instance, go with small studs with half-carat diamonds to show elegance.

The earring style defines one’s personality, and the trend for type constantly changes like the gems have been less in trend lately. Long and oversized earrings usually mean the person is bold. Women typically wear cool studs in simple colors. Anyhow it’s 2022, and you can be anything with a gorgeous pair of earrings of your choice. Just be sure it matches your face, hair, eyes, and outfit.


Earrings are a cheap investment that can be easily bought. You can purchase many earrings in different colors for each of your outfits, or you can buy one expensive multi-colored earring for your entire wardrobe. Some colors are universal, which will go with any of your dresses. For instance, earrings made from gold and silver look good with all dresses.

Caring for Ear Piercings

Piercing can be a painful process, so it’s best to keep the holes open in your ears. You can do that easily by wearing studs or hoops all the time. Just be sure to wash the earrings before wearing them. Moreover, wash your ear regularly to avoid infection. You may also use alcohol or petroleum jelly to sanitize your piercing once in a while. If any infection like yellowness occurs around your ear piercing then it's best to seek a doctor or dermatologist; because this could happen when you constantly wear an earring as it becomes contaminated.