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Amber Heard Goes Makeup-Free On A Run In Spain Nearly 1 Year After Losing Johnny Depp Trial

So, that's how Amber Heard stays in superhero shape. The 'Aquaman 2' star was spotted going for a run in Spain roughly one year after losing her defamation trial with Johnny Depp.

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Amber Heard left the makeup back at her home in Madrid, Spain, when she went for an invigorating run on May 5. For this spot of exercise, Amber, 37, dressed in sleek black leggings, a white top, a visor, and running shoes. Her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, and she threw a fanny pack around her waist. Amber has been spending time overseas with her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, 2, after facing her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in the controversial public defamation trial.

Depp, 59, sued Amber Heard over an op-ed that she wrote for the Washington Post. While Amber didn’t name her ex-husband at all in the piece, the un-sequestered jury ruled on June 1, 2022, that Amber had defamed Johnny and awarded him $15 million in damages. Johnny was also found to have defamed Amber, and she was awarded $3 million. The couple ultimately reached an agreement in December 2022, where Amber would pay Depp $1 million, which he would donate to several charities.


Since the chaos of the circus trial, Amber has spent time in Spain. Amber finds that she gets more privacy overseas, according to PEOPLE. She’s ready to start fresh following this drama and “has new energy and is focused on things that she loves.”

Despite rumors that she was cut from the film, Amber is set to appear in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, reprising her role as Mera. She is also set to appear in In The Fire, a supernatural thriller set in the 1890s. Johnny Depp’s next listed appearance is in the upcoming Jeanne du Barry.

In August 2022, Depp’s devoted fans crowdfunded the fees to unseal more than 6,000 pages of court documents stemming from the defamation trial, seemingly in an effort to find extra dirt on Heard. The papers contained “pretrial discovery motions, where each side duked it out over what would be permitted into the trial, with Depp winning several key points of contention,” per Rolling Stone. Depp’s legal team “had tried to get the judge to sign off on using nude photos of Heard and highlighting her past as an exotic dancer.”

Additionally, the unsealed documents that Depp’s team successfully prevented from being included in the trial were: Heard’s team’s claims that Depp modified photos of his bruises; disturbing texts between him and Marilyn Manson; texts between Johnny and his assistant about allegedly “kicking” Amber in 2014; and a statement from Depp saying that Amber never caused him any physical or mental injury, per The Guardian.

“Absolutely, it was worse for Johnny,” Brett Ward, a New York family attorney, told Rolling Stone about the unsealed documents. “Johnny Depp’s team won some key pretrial legal rulings. Overall, because he had better rulings during the pretrial portion of the case, the stuff that he kept out hurts him more. The totality of the material now looks worse for him.”