‘Mama June’ Exclusive Preview: Pumpkin Reveals Mama June Hasn’t Seen The Twins Since They Were Born

Pumpkin has a catch-up session with Jessica, and they discuss everything from love to their mother.

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Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird pays her older sister Jessica a visit to get an update about what’s going on in her life in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Mama June: Family Crisis season premiere. Jessica is working at a daycare and has a new roommate.

Pumpkin has a catch-up session with her older sister in the premiere. (WE tv)

“When are you going to get like married? And have kids? And find somebody?” Pumpkin asks. Jessica is keeping an optimistic and relaxed outlook on life. “Love finds you,” she says.

For Pumpkin, she’s not exactly buying Jessica’s new lease on life. Pumpkin believes “deep down” that Jessica is putting on a show. “She really misses staying with us,” she says.

Jessica is not worried about finding love at the moment. “It’ll happen. One day,” she says. Pumpkin brings up that Jessica is already 26 years old. Pumpkin is 22 and has 4 kids already. “I thought you had 5 kids,” Jessica quips. Pumpkin responds, “Alana [“Honey Boo Boo” Thompson] doesn’t care about me anymore. She’s a senior now, and she’s got Dralin.”

Jessica also asks about Mama June. She wonders if their mother has even seen Pumpkin’s twins. “She showed up at the hospital and literally seen them for maybe 5 minutes total,” Pumpkin reveals. The twins were born in May 2022. Mama June hasn’t seen her new grandchildren since. “That’s ridiculous,” Jessica says.

Jessica asks how things are going with Mama June. (WE tv)

Jessica brings up that Mama June’s new husband, Justin Stroud, must be “more important now.” Pumpkin snaps, “Jessica, the man’s always been more important. Let’s get real.” The family drama continues!

In the season premiere episode — titled “June’s Big Secrets” — Pumpkin and Josh are raising five kids, with only $800 in child support for Alana. June and Justin start planning a big wedding, but June is suddenly rushed to the hospital. Pumpkin finds out June moved to Alabama and assumes she is on drugs again. Mama June: Family Crisis will air Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.