‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Richard Asks For [Spoiler] To Return

Link faces one of his toughest surgeries yet, while Richard goes to a familiar 'Grey's Anatomy' character and asks about a possible return.

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James Pickens Jr.
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Amelia runs into Nick early in the morning as he waits for Lucas, who is running late. When Bailey sees Blue, she thanks him for saving her from being attacked. Following Taryn’s charged speech to her about Mika, Teddy sits down with the other doctors to talk about the treatment of interns.

Link gets one of the most complicated cases of his career when an Air Force veteran named Sam Sutton is admitted after a wingsuit accident. Sam slammed into a granite wall at a high velocity. Miraculously, he has no brain injury, but his other injuries are extensive. Sam’s friend, Kwame, knows that Link is the one who operated on The Tank. Kwame stresses to Link that he better not have a bad day.

Judith Mills returns in the all-new episode. (ABC)

Maxine Anderson returns to the hospital because she’s feeling light-headed. Maxine catches up with Blue, and she teases him about having something for Jules. Turns out, Maxine has a UTI.

Lucas hasn’t told Simone that he can’t be her maid of honor, so Jules has to break the news. It’s awkward, to say the least. However, Jules is at least trying to get to know Simone.

Sam is more worried about Kwame than himself. Sam says his friend is his “ride or die.” He wants to make sure Kwame is going to be okay if he doesn’t make it. And that’s a real possibility. Sam’s broken at least 75 bones so far. Thankfully, his spine is intact, but the rest of his body is a “jigsaw puzzle.”

Sam has two options in regard to surgery. Link advocates for several surgeries over a few days. Owen steps in and says they can do all the repairs at once, which Link strongly advises against. Owen and Link do not see eye-to-eye on this. Owen is looking at this as someone who has been in war like Sam. Link tells Owen to get out.

When a critical patient comes in, Maxine tells Blue to go check it out and report back. Bailey later sees Maxine wandering the hospital. She lets Blue slide on this one because she owes him. When Bailey, Blue, and Schmitt examine Maxine, she thinks Schmitt is her grandson. Bailey deduces that Maxine is septic. She has delirium from the UTI.

Mika talks to the other doctors. (ABC)

Mika thinks she’s getting fired after Taryn went to Teddy. She eventually charges in on the doctors’ meeting and tries to quit. Turns out, they want to help. She’s getting a grant, which brings her tears.

After Lucas misses some key things, Nick dresses down Lucas for not being up to par. Nick thinks Lucas is clearly struggling with ADHD. Later, Nick talks to Lucas about what he said. Lucas has never had a diagnosis. Nick points out that all the signs are there. He knows this because he has ADHD.

Sam’s broken bones tally has risen to 93. Link is understandably stressed over the surgery. Jo is right there to support him. She offers to help with the surgery as well. When Jo goes to check on Sam, he asks her out!

Before Sam’s big surgery, Simone asks Link if this is the right call. Owen quickly steps in to defend Link. Link understands why Simone is nervous, but he needs her to focus on the present and not the past.

The surgery is long and grueling, but Sam makes it through. Link and the other surgeons are able to save all of his limbs. Link tells Kwame that with extensive physical therapy, Sam is likely to walk and have full mobility in his fingers.

James Pickens Jr.
James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber. (ABC)

Blue finally tells Jules about Maxine, and she is furious. She blames him for Maxine’s current condition. After talking with the other doctors about what’s going on with the interns, Richard goes to the bar to talk to Taryn. “What would it take to bring you back?” he asks.

Amelia catches Winston on his way out and apologizes for blaming him for Maggie leaving. She took her pain and sadness out on him, which wasn’t fair at all. Winston accepts her apology.