‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Maggie Says Goodbye & Amelia Is Hit With Shocking News

Maggie makes her final rounds at Grey Sloan and comes to a conclusion about her relationship with Winston. Meanwhile, Kai and Amelia's relationship hits another snag.

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Kelly McCreary
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It’s time to bid farewell to Dr. Maggie Pierce. She’s packing up her things and getting ready for the next chapter. However, she’s got one more day left at Grey Sloan, and it’s going to be a big one.

Kai shows up at Amelia’s door in Seattle. They’ve got the whole day to spend together. Meanwhile, Bailey isn’t sweating getting doxxed. Ben is very worried, though. He wants them to move into an Airbnb for 6 months, but Bailey thinks that is ridiculous.

E.R. Fightmaster
E.R. Fightmaster as Kai. (ABC)

Link and Jo’s undeniable flirtation is on full display for everyone at the hospital to see. Teddy notices while they’re all in the elevator together. “Those two need to get a room,” she tells Owen.

A woman comes into the hospital demanding to see Maggie. She and her friend drove 400 miles for surgery. Her friend, Nola, has a tumor that’s crushing her heart. Her friend refuses to leave until they see Maggie. And she doesn’t take no for an answer. She uses the intercom to page Maggie. When Maggie comes downstairs, the friend explains Nola’s situation. Maggie decides to push her flight to assess Nola’s case.

Nola’s condition starts to worsen. She needs surgery as soon as possible. Maggie pages Winston for help. After they look at Nola’s scans, they decide to do the surgery together, just the two of them. They work best when they’re in the OR. If only that could be the case outside the hospital.

A 13-year-old named Grayson comes in for ulcerative colitis issues. Richard has been seeing Grayson for years. Grayson doesn’t want surgery. He can deal with the pain. Turns out, Grayson hasn’t been taking his medication. He has to get surgery or he could die.

Schmitt asks Richard to talk because he’s thinking about fellowships and attending positions. Richard’s a little shocked that Schmitt has waited so late to do so and tells Schmitt to get his act together sooner rather than later. In surgery, Schmitt shows Richard his natural leadership skills with Blue.

Grey's Anatomy
Kai and Amelia in the April 13 episode. (ABC)

Amelia realizes that she’s not going to have any more Sunday dinners with Maggie leaving. She admits to Kai that she has a history of spiraling when people leave her. She’s going to try not to do that this time around. Later while they’re in bed, Kai’s clearly worried about Amelia.

Link is ready to profess his love for Jo and has a romantic dinner planned for the two of them. A distraught Jo calls with news that something’s wrong with Luna’s hearing. She’s going to get her checked out and come straight home. Link quickly shifts his plans in the wake of the news. Link comforts Jo the next day as they await Luna’s appointment. When she’s called in, Jo asks Link to come in with her. They learn Luna has regressive hearing.

“I could not have done that surgery without you,” Maggie tells Winston after the successful surgery. She tells him that he pushes her to be better. They have a passionate night together. The next day, Maggie asks Winston to come to Chicago with her. Winston wants Maggie to stay in Seattle. “Stay here with me. Fight for us,” he says. Maggie tells Winston that she’s been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She can’t turn it down. Winston basically calls her Ellis. Later, Catherine tells Maggie that she’s so much more than Ellis’ ambition.

Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill as Winston. (ABC)

Amelia doesn’t want Kai to go back to Minnesota. Kai drops another bomb on Amelia. The team wants them to open up a lab in London, and they’ve already accepted a position there. Understandably, Amelia doesn’t want Kai to go. She wants Kai to prioritize their relationship. Amelia and Maggie talk about their complicated love lives and share a heartfelt goodbye.

Winston and Maggie decide to go their separate ways. “My heart’s in my work, Winston,” she says. “I love you, but I have to go.” Their lives are going in different directions, and they’ve accepted that. “I’m glad you’re staying at Grey Sloan,” Jules says to Winston. “I need to learn from you.”

After a random person sent a photo of Tuck to Bailey, she takes Ben up on his offer to move out of their house for a while. Schmitt throws a bar mitzvah for Grayson, echoing the hospital’s season 2 prom.

Jo reels from the news about Luna. Link tries to lighten the mood, but she snaps at him. Jo’s pulling away from him, and Link is feeling like he’ll never get the right opportunity to tell her how he feels.

Kelly McCreary
Kelly McCreary as Maggie. (ABC)

A very excited Amelia runs to Kai to say she talked to Teddy about them working at Grey Sloan. Kai isn’t thrilled by the idea. “We work because we’re long-distance,” Kai says. They point out that this is the biggest career move of their life, and Amelia is making it about her. “This is about you and me being at different places in our lives. I love you. That is still true,” Kai tells Amelia. This is another blow to Amelia. She’s being abandoned again.

Maggie makes her way out of Grey Sloan confident in her decision to take this next step. While she’s in the elevator, she sees both of her moms standing next to her, beaming with pride.