‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Addison’s Fate Is Revealed After Terrifying Car Crash

Grey Sloan reacts to the shocking car crash that left Addison and a pregnant doctor in jeopardy.

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The doctors fly into action after Addison and the pregnant doctor, Tia, are struck by a car. Richard tells Amelia, who immediately runs to find out the latest about Addison. Link checks in on Jo when he sees her. Teddy announces there’s a hospital-wide lockdown in the opening moments of the March 30 episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Addison is going to be just fine. She says she was only clipped by the car. It’s just her shoulder that needs to be popped back in. Addison is more worried about Tia, who is pleading with Jo to save her baby.

Grey's Anatomy
Tia is hit by the car along with Addison. (ABC)

Amelia checks on Addison and soon realizes that Blue needs to be looked at after getting hit by that brick. Addison demands Link pop her shoulder back in so she can go back to work. Addison doesn’t waste any time going to find Tia when Link is done and says it’s time to prep for an emergency C-section right then and there.

Ben and Maya show up at the hospital trying to get in. Teddy allows them access inside the hospital. Maya worries about Carina, while Ben goes to see that Bailey and Pru are okay. Maya and Carina share a brief moment, and Carina thanks Maya for coming to check on her.

Amelia orders Blue to take it easy after a neuro check. She orders Jules to keep an eye on him. Winston finds Maggie to see how she’s doing with everything. Things are still not okay between them, but she thanks him for checking in.

Maggie is secretly freaking out because she referred to Winston as an assistant in the article about the partial heart transplant. She knows this could cause more issues between them, so she begs Teddy to ask for a correction. Teddy believes the best thing Maggie can do is talk to Winston before it’s too late.

Kate Walsh
Tia and Addison just before they were hit by the car. (ABC)

Link spots Amelia watching over Addison in the NICU. When Amelia gets paged, Link tells her that he’ll monitor Addison. He knows how much Addison means to Amelia.

Amid all the chaos, Mika is nowhere to be found. She is having a panic attack. Thankfully, Richard notices Mika is a bit shell-shocked over the accident and calms her down.

Link has Lucas go fetch Addison so he can do a full assessment of her shoulder. Lucas and Simone share a small but sweet moment with Tia’s baby. Addison’s shoulder is going to be okay, but Link advises her to take a break from the road for a bit.

Mika shows up at Tia’s room and apologizes to Bailey for disappearing. Bailey realizes that Tia is still bleeding in her abdomen, and Tia needs to be opened up right away. With Mika and Jo assisting, Bailey tries to stop the bleeding in Tia’s liver.

Maggie doesn’t listen to Teddy and Winston reads the article. He’s understandably angry with her. He wants her to “take some responsibility for once.” Maggie tells Winston that she wants to fix their relationship. He wants her to say she’s sorry, say she loves him and mean it, and say she respects him and mean it. This relationship is circling the drain.

Blue and Mika at Grey Sloan. (ABC)

Tia’s husband arrives at Grey Sloan and stays by his wife and son’s side day and night. After some time, Tia finally wakes up. Tia and her husband’s beautiful reunion brings Jo to tears. She walks out and into the elevator. Link is there. “You don’t have to hold it in anymore. I’m right here,” he says to her, which allows Jo to break down in tears over everything that’s just happened.

Addison doesn’t let the accident or the protesters stand in the way of her helping women. With her arm in a sling, Addison says her goodbyes and heads out in the PRT van once again.