‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Addison Gets A Message From Cristina & Bailey Is Nearly Attacked

Blue saved Bailey from getting attacked, while Addison got a surprising message from Cristina in the April 20 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.'

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Chandra Wilson
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Blue is still trying to connect with Jules, but she just keeps shutting him down. He asks her to go to a new bar with him. She thinks it sounds like a date so she turns him down.

Addison shows back up in Seattle for just one day. Link shows Jo that he and Scout are learning sign language to be able to connect with Luna, and she gets upset. Everything Link tries to do gets the opposite reaction that he wants. Poor guy.

Chandra Wilson
Chandra Wilson as Bailey. (ABC)

A patient shows up in the ER and asks for Bailey personally. Blue brings Bailey to the patient, and he tells her that he’s a “fan,” even though they’ve never met before. He asks about her new place, which makes Bailey immediately suspicious. Suddenly, he gets up and tries to attack her. Thankfully, Blue tackles him to the ground and saves Bailey. Ben is understandably furious when he finds out.

Richard and Mika’s patient has three bullets left in his body from a mass shooting. The lead in the bullets is causing him serious issues. Owen assesses the case and says removing the bullets is the best course of action.

Mike has to fetch Amelia at her apartment so she can perform part of the surgery. Amelia is knee-deep in a spiral. When she sees Addison at the hospital, she wonders if Meredith sent her. Addison is curious as to why Amelia would think that. Amelia explains that Meredith, Maggie, and Kai have all left her. “You know how well I do with abandonment,” she says. Yeah, not good. She has a serious attitude when discussing surgery with Owen, Winston, Mika, and Simone.

Winston confronts Amelia before the surgery. She blames him for not convincing Maggie to stay. “You let your ego destroy what was once true love,” she says. During the surgery, Mika accidentally drops a utensil and Amelia kicks her out. She doesn’t show any leniency.

Jules and Lucas’ patient begins to code when Schmitt is not around. Lucas realizes that the patient needs an emergency tracheotomy. If they wait too long, the patient will die. Lucas takes charge and doesn’t wait for Schmitt. Schmitt comes down on Jules and Lucas, but he does admit that Lucas saved his life. Lucas thanks Jules for sticking up for him, but she gives him the cold shoulder.

Adelaide Kane
Adelaide Kane and Niko Terho as Jules and Lucas. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Winston has Simone really step up during the surgery. Owen is hesitant at first, but Winston is adamant about Simone learning these skills. He’s a very different surgeon than Maggie, and he wants everyone to know it. Later, Owen gets emotional over his patient and how mass shootings just keep on happening. “I feel hopeless,” he tells Teddy.

Mika tries to talk to Amelia after the surgery, but Amelia shows her no mercy. Amelia unleashes all of her built-up anger about everything on Mika. Addison has to pull Amelia aside. Right away, Addison asks if Amelia is high or using again. Amelia swears that she isn’t.

Addison has some tough love for Amelia. She implores Amelia to get to an AA meeting and “figure out how to be of service in this world.” If Amelia doesn’t change, she’s going to end up back in rehab. “No one has abandoned you. Everyone is just doing the best they can,” Addison says. Amelia is the only one who can stop her spiral.

“I love you, Amelia, and you gotta get off the damn ride before it’s too late,” Addison tells Amelia. Addy is truly the best big sister to Amelia.

Teddy has an idea to help with the constant calls that Bailey is getting. She tasks the staff with calling the numbers and explaining Bailey’s side of things. Jo gets Luna’s test results and runs straight to Link. Luna doesn’t have cancer or tumors, just isolated hearing loss.

Lucas pleads with Jules to be Simone’s maid of honor. He just can’t do it. When Jules sees Blue taking another girl to the new bar, she feels a twinge of jealousy.

Harry Shum Jr.
Harry Shum Jr. and Midori Francis as Blue and Mika. (ABC)

After an excruciatingly long day, Mika goes to the bar and puts her head in her hands. Taryn notices how upset and stressed Mika is about everything. She shows up at Teddy’s door and stands up for Mika. She doesn’t want to see Mika get burned out like her.

Winston also stops by Teddy’s office to say that he wants to be considered for chief of cardio. Maggie FaceTimes Richard from Chicago, and the job is going great so far. Richard sees Amelia in the parking lot and asks her to go to an AA meeting with him.

As Addison and Bailey are packing up supplies for the bus, Addison notices a note. “This should keep you in business for a while. Keep fighting,” the message read. The message is from none other than Cristina Yang!