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Drew Barrymore Says Her ‘Scream’ Character May Have Survived & Could Return In New Sequel

The actress, who was Ghostface's first kill in the original movie, admitted that she was open to returning for sequel, reprising her role as Casey Becker.

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Image Credit: Dimension Films/courtesy Everett Collection

Drew Barrymore’s role in the first Scream movie is considered one of the most iconic characters in the history of horror movies. While it was implied that her character Casey Becker was killed in the opening scene of the entire franchise, Drew, 48, admitted that there may be a chance to see her again in the future during a conversation with her friend Ross Matthews on her talk show on Wednesday, April 12.

During the show, the two were discussing how huge Scream VI was, and Ross asked if there was any possibility that she could return. “I asked you if maybe your character, maybe, survived,” he said, via Entertainment Weekly. Doctors can do amazing things! And you said, maybe there’s a chance she did survive. So, does this make you want to bring her back for Scream VII?

Drew admitted that she was open to returning to the ‘Scream’ franchise nearly 30 years after the original premiered. (Dimension Films/courtesy Everett Collection)

While Casey’s death was the start of the series, Drew admitted that she thinks that she could’ve survived. “It’s funny. I’ve never thought of it this way, but I’m pretty sure a C-section is comparable to what happened to her,” she joked.  “Like, literally. And I’m here! I’m fine! So, maybe Casey Becker will be okay.”

While there may be a few plot points that really need to be worked out, Drew continued and said that “With good writing, you can make anything happen.” So even though it may take some work, the actress admitted that it’s not entirely out of the question for her!

Drew has revisited her role as Casey in the past. She filmed a sketch for her show in 2020, which focused on the idea of a more modern take on the character. While she looked just like Casey in the 1996 film, the sketch had a more modern take with Ghostface texting her rather than calling, and she simply ignores the message and goes about her day, giving Casey a much easier ending.

While nothing is set in stone, Drew is certainly not the only actor to come and go from the Scream franchise. The sixth movie also marked the return of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed, after first appearing in Scream IV. Unfortunately, the most recent installment also marked the departure of longtime star Neve Campbellwho had appeared in all five of the prior films as Sidney Prescott.