‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Raquel Runs To Tom After Feuding With Lala & Katie

Raquel Leviss ran back to LA to party with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval after having a friendship-ending fight with Lala Kent and Katie Maloney in Lake Havasu.

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The March 15 episode of Vanderpump Rules took some wild turns, but as we all know, the drama’s just getting started. This week’s episode began with the ladies returning to their Las Vegas hotel room after Raquel Leviss was seen making out with Garcelle Beauvais‘ son Oliver Saunders. Lala Kent told a very drunk Raquel that she’d never trust Raquel around her future man if she had been drinking, and instead of telling Lala she’d never do anything to jeopardize a friend’s relationship, she just said, “Thank God you don’t have a man to f***ing have around.”

The ladies couldn’t believe the words that came out of Raquel’s mouth, so Lala suggested they all go to bed. But before doing so, Lala, Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly were overheard making fun of Raquel because she had a galaxy nightlight in her bedroom. They also said something about hiding boyfriends when around Raquel and unbeknownst to them, Raquel heard everything.

The next morning, Raquel pretended that she had no idea what she said the night before, so the ladies reminded her. And when Lala asked Raquel if she’d ever disrespect a relationship by trying to steal someone’s man, she said no. But in her private confessional, she called Lala a “hypocrite” because she slept with James Kennedy while James and Raquel were dating.

Anyway, after their group chat, the ladies jumped in the car and started driving to Lake Havasu. In the car, Raquel opened up about her split with James and revealed she feels like she’s having an identity crisis. In turn, she started having a panic attack but immediately started laughing when Lala told her to breathe the wrong way as a remedy for her anxiety. So was it a true panic attack or? We might never know.

Once everyone arrived in Lake Havasu, Charli Burnett joined them and everyone filled her in on what had happened between Raquel and Oliver. Charlie didn’t think it was a big deal since Lala gave her blessing, but Lala made it clear that she was more upset with Raquel for the comments she made after the club — the one about being okay with stealing someone’s man. But before she could get reprimanded for it again, Raquel hit back at Lala and said she should be the last person coming at her because she was the “mistress” in ex Randall Emmett’s marriage when they got together. This obviously upset Lala, and she told Raquel to “disengage” before things got uglier than they already were. Lala also didn’t want to look at Raquel anymore, so she, Katie and Kristina left the dinner table early and went back to the house.

Raquel Leviss (Bravo)

Then, the next morning, Raquel told the ladies that she and Charli would be leaving early because she didn’t feel welcome there any longer. Raquel also accused Lala of only being mad at her because Oliver chose her over Lala. Again, the ladies couldn’t believe what Raquel was saying. Especially after Raquel made it very clear that she’d be reuniting with Tom Schwartz when she got back to LA — just hours after Katie made it clear that Raquel’s near-makeout with Tom hurt her.

Back in LA, the guys (and Scheana Shay) were having a fun night at Sky Bar, when Raquel and Charlie showed up uninvited. Although, if we had to guess, we’d say Scheana probably invited them. Both Toms — Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval — looked happy to see Raquel, and according to a new podcast episode from Jamie All Over, this was the night Raquel and Sandoval started getting close. We’ll just have to wait until next week to see more of the night play out.

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