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‘Vanderpump Rules’: James Kennedy Cries Over Raquel Leviss Split & Failed Engagement

Lisa Vanderpump confronted James Kennedy during the March 1 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', when he broke down in tears over his recent split.

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The March 1 episode of Vanderpump Rules was an emotional one, as James Kennedy seemed to reveal he’s not yet over his split from Raquel Leviss. After getting kicked out of the Canyon Club for getting overly drunk and fighting with new girlfriend Ally Lewber, Lisa Vanderpump confronted the DJ about his recent behavior.

During their talk, Lisa asked James why he started drinking after his split with Raquel. “It’s definitely been interesting bringing the alcohol back into my life. When Raquel and I broke up, I had to figure it out for myself,” he said before taking to his private confessional and jokingly saying, “I just wanted to get out there again. I hadn’t been on a date or anything yet. I was excited to go out for an Italian dinner on a veranda with a bottle of cabernet and a sexy f**king brunette. You know what I mean? And I went and did that. I just feel like I’m an older, more mature guy.” Mature guys don’t get kicked out of clubs, though, James.


Anyway, James obviously moved on rather quickly with Ally, and Lisa reminded him of that. “I know you were devastated over Raquel. What’s going on now, James, with Ally?”

James said he’s in love with Ally, but Lisa interjected and said, “But you were telling me when you were with Raquel that she was the best thing that ever happened to you, and now you’re saying the same thing again. You were heartbroken and you were devastated.”

James then got choked up and started crying. “Just thinking about it makes me feel like I want to faint. It’s a lot. It’s a lot, but it’s in the past,” he said as he fought through his tears.

Earlier in the episode — before their fight at The Canyon Club — Ally told James that Raquel pulled her aside and told her about his secret hookup with Lala Kent. Raquel basically told Ally to be careful with James, and that angered James. He said he should talk to Raquel’s next boyfriend and warn him that Raquel doesn’t love performing oral sex, just to see how she’d feel about him meddling in her relationship.

That same night, Raquel asked Tom Schwartz to make out with her, but he declined. He said he wanted to but couldn’t because he didn’t want to upset Katie Maloney. Raquel later told Katie that she almost kissed Schwartz, but Katie was only mad at Scheana Shay because Raquel said Scheana first put the idea into her head.

Katie, who started planning a girls getaway to mend her broken heart, also told Schwartz that he can’t hang out with Scheana anymore. He relayed that information to Tom Sandoval and Scheana, who both couldn’t believe the way Katie was acting. Sandoval reminded Schwartz that he’s no longer married to Katie so he doesn’t need to listen to her. But Katie made it very clear that she won’t be inviting Scheana on her girls getaway.

Later, Schwartz and Sandoval hosted a friends-and-family event at Schwartz and Sandy’s, but when Lisa questioned them about the bar’s status, they came clean about their dire situation. Apparently, they’ve been paying rent on the restaurant ($25,000 per month) while their business partner has been delaying its opening. So Lisa hinted at a future scenario, in which their business partner won’t be involved anymore. Could she be offering to buy him out? Only time will tell.

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