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‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Premiere Recap: Billy & Daisy Meet & An Undeniable Spark Between Them Ignites

'Daisy Jones & The Six' is finally here. Prime Video released the first 3 episodes on March 2, which explored The Six's origins and how Daisy ended up with the band.

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Riley Keough
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Daisy Jones & The Six is going to bring so much music and behind-the-scenes drama over the next several weeks. The first 3 episodes of the limited series are available now, and cast members Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, Camila Morrone, Will Harrison, Suki Waterhouse, and Sebastian Chacon have effortlessly stepped into the beloved characters from Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel. The show follows the band as they recall memories of what happened 20 years later.

The first episode dives into Daisy’s upbringing and how Billy, Graham, Eddie, and Warren formed a band in Pittsburgh. In the second episode, the perils of fame hit Billy right in the face as he falls from grace. But the third episode is when everything changes. Daisy meets the band and duets with Billy for the first time. Nobody in that recording studio knew just what magic (and mayhem) they were creating that day. Here’s a full breakdown of everything that happened in the first 3 episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Sam Claflin
Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne. (Prime Video)

Track 1: Come & Get It

The first episode of Daisy Jones & The Six follows the band’s origins in Pittsburgh as Daisy discovers her love for music in Los Angeles. It was actually Graham’s idea to start the band, but Billy soon became the leader of The Dunne Brothers. Billy doesn’t have the easiest time when the band’s trying to make a name for themselves. At a gig, he comes face-to-face with his drunken father who abandoned him and Graham.

Things turn up for Billy when he meets Camila at a laundromat. Eddie had known Camila since childhood, and it was pretty evident he’s always had feelings for her. Meanwhile, Daisy has started writing songs, but it becomes a habit where her beaus of the moment steal her material. She doesn’t want to be the muse. She wants to be the somebody. Daisy also meets Simone, who she says changed her life.

The Dunne Brothers eventually meet keyboardist Karen Sirko, and Graham is instantly smitten. Rod Reyes, a tour manager, encourages Billy to write love songs over anything else and get to Los Angeles. Simultaneously, Daisy finally decides to take her music seriously and play for herself. Suddenly, in a little bar on the Strip, Daisy is reborn.

Track 2: I’ll Take You There

Billy, Graham, Eddie, Warren, and Camila show up on Rod’s doorstep in Los Angeles with rose-colored glasses on. Rod gives them a firm reality check about getting their name out there. They ask Karen to be in the band and move into a house in Laurel Canyon together. As the band starts playing regular gigs at Filthy McNasty’s, Billy starts drinking more and more.

Karen asks to change the name of the band because most of those in the band aren’t Dunnes. Karen’s the one who comes up with The Six. With no Pete in the show, the “sixth” person is Camila, the band’s photographer. Daisy and the band first cross paths at an LA diner, but their lives don’t collide just yet.

Riley Keough
Riley Keough as Daisy Jones. (Prime Video)

After watching Daisy’s performance, producer Teddy Price wants to work with her. He has some ideas about how to hone her sound, but Daisy doesn’t want to be shaped. Billy and Graham also run into Teddy. Billy asks him to give the band one chance. With one performance, Teddy knows he’s found something special. The Six cut an album and are about to go on the road when Camila reveals that she’s pregnant. Camila and Billy get married that night, but they don’t exactly get a honeymoon phase.

Billy and the band go on tour, but Billy totally spirals. He goes off the deep end, getting wrapped up in drugs and booze. Camila eventually decides to track the band down after feeling something off and catches him with other women. She confronts him and demands that he show up for her and their child.

After one concert, it’s clear that Billy is a complete and total mess. Teddy shows up to tell him that Camila’s had the baby. He takes Billy to the hospital, but Billy doesn’t want to meet his daughter, Julia, like this. His daughter’s first introduction to her father can’t be him as a drunken loser. Teddy takes Billy to rehab instead.

Track 3: Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Teddy listens to Daisy’s demo at his place. He doesn’t say much after listening to it. She wants to know what he thinks. “I like it, Daisy. Very much,” Teddy tells her. She wants to keep on making records. Teddy says she needs 10 more songs, so Daisy gets to work.

Billy gets out of rehab in 1974. Graham picks him up and takes him home. When Graham talks about the time he’s spent with Julia while Billy was away, Billy breaks down in tears over everything he’s missed. Billy gets home and has an awkward homecoming with Camila and her mother. He finally meets Julia, and Camila is definitely protecting her heart right now. She doesn’t want Billy to break it again.

Camila Morrone
Camila Morrone and Sam Claflin as Camila and Billy. (Prime Video)

After the tour was canceled, the label dropped the band. They all had to start from square one. Graham, Karen, Warren, and Eddie have all been waiting for Billy to get back. He puts a damper on their plans when he says he’s quitting the band. Graham tries to talk him out of it, but Billy is insistent. Graham refuses to tell the others. Billy has to do it himself. Teddy pays Billy a visit and says he’s “doing the right thing.”

The band decides to try and replace Billy. It doesn’t go well. Eddie auditions to be the leading frontman, and he’s not bad at all. Graham, Karen, and Warren know this is something they can work with. Meanwhile, Simone and Daisy attend a party where Simone meets Bernie, who works at a club in New York. Daisy also runs into her “Stumbled on Sublime” ex and pushes him into the pool. At another party, Karen opens up to Graham about how she doesn’t like attachments and expectations in a relationship. Graham is clearly smitten with Karen but just hasn’t revealed his feelings for her.

Billy and Camila finally talk about everything. She tells him how hurt she is by what he’s done. “I faced it and I didn’t leave,” she says to him. Camila asks Billy what he’s afraid of, and he’s terrified of disappointing his daughter. “Welcome to the club,” Camila tells him. Billy finally spends time with Julia, and Camila opens her heart back up to him.

Eddie asks Camila how things are going with Billy. She asks him if he’s ever been in love before. He doesn’t answer the question (but we all know the answer). “You don’t just stop loving someone because things get hard. At least I don’t,” she says. At Christmas, Billy tells the band that he’d like to play something for them. Eddie is initially hesitant because Billy said he was out. Billy brings his song to Teddy. The song is good, but it’s not enough because of the tour debacle.

But Teddy has an idea. He takes the song to Daisy, and she works on it. Teddy decides to bring Daisy into the band as a female vocalist. Billy isn’t thrilled — at all. Billy goes into the studio with a standoffish attitude toward Daisy. The others are watching intently to see what unfolds.

Daisy Jones & The Six
The band watching Daisy and Billy perform. (Prime Video)

When Daisy and Billy really start singing, they’re singing different lyrics. Teddy forgot to tell Billy about Daisy working on the song. Daisy presses Billy about what the song is really about. She doesn’t think he’s being honest with himself. Billy gets frustrated and walks out. Teddy explains to Billy that he wrote a “good song” but not a “great one.” The label actually said no to this song, and Teddy is paying for this session himself because he loves Billy and the band.

Billy doesn’t think Teddy’s right about Daisy, but he’s going to give this a chance. He returns to the studio, and Teddy says there’s a rattle in his mic so Billy has to share with Daisy. Teddy knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Daisy tries to make conversation, but Billy’s just not having it. “I was just gonna say that I love the sound of your voice,” Daisy says. While singing “Honeycomb,” Billy can’t keep his eyes off Daisy. For better or worse, Billy knows Teddy’s right. There’s an undeniable spark that’s been lit.

Later, Billy calls Camila. She asks how the studio session went. “A nightmare,” Billy says. “Yeah, whole thing was a total wash.” He can’t help but lie in this instance. As for Daisy, she calls it “the best day of my life.”