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‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Stars: The Show ‘Gives A Bit More’ Of The Characters Than The Book (Exclusive)

'Daisy Jones & The Six' stars Josh Whitehouse and Sebastian Chacon reveal how faithful the show is to the book, how Eddie and Warren feel about Daisy, and more.

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Daisy Jones & The Six is taking over TV. The highly-anticipated series premieres on March 3 with the first 3 episodes. Josh Whitehouse and Sebastian Chacon star as The Six bandmates Eddie and Warren, who get to witness all the Daisy and Billy drama that unfolds. The show is inspired by Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel, and HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the actors about whether or not the show stays true to the book.

Daisy Jones
Sebastian Chacon and Josh Whitehouse in ‘Daisy Jones & The Six.’ (Prime Video)

“I feel like it’s very faithful to the book. If anything, I think I feel like it just gives a bit more,” Josh said during the show’s press junket. “It’s like you’re actually getting a window into the events that happened, so you’re really fleshing out the world, but I feel like that fleshing out is done very authentically to what happens in the book.”

Sebastian added, “One of the limitations of the book, obviously, not being able to hear the music is that you really have to describe moments… Whereas in the show you can see the look and put it together for yourself and really feel what the person is feeling instead of hearing them talk about it. There’s a lot of moments like that that feel a lot more electric because you’re putting it together.”

The Six start out with no Daisy before Teddy Price brings her into the mix. Daisy’s presence causes a lot of problems for Billy, but she helps take the band to new heights. While Billy constantly has issues with Daisy, Eddie and Warren like what she brings to the table.

“For Eddie, he’s amused by how much this is annoying Billy. So it’s like every time he’s getting frustrated and every time she’s kind of getting in his face about things it’s a little bit satisfying to see something getting stirred up,” Josh quipped.

Daisy Jones
The cast of ‘Daisy Jones & The Six.’ (Prime Video)

As for Warren, Sebastian noted that Warren “really likes Daisy actually. Riley [Keough] and I tried to embody that as much as possible.” Josh also pointed out that the band members realize how much Daisy has helped them career-wise. She brought opportunity because Billy was so tight about how he was going to run the ship. She opened opportunity for everybody,” Josh said.

Josh showed off his musical skills in the 2020 musical remake of Valley Girl. Sebastian similarly had musical talent prior to Daisy Jones & The Six. “Music has been a big thing in my life,” Sebastian told HollywoodLife. “My mother was a singer. I’ve played piano since I was 5. I’ve been drumming since around middle school and high school. But I haven’t ever played professionally except when acting requires it. I appreciate the opportunity to really get into drumming and get passed looking like a musician and actually being a pretty proficient drummer, especially in this different style.”