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‘Sex/Life’s Sarah Shahi Admits Brad’s New Girl ‘Knocks’ Billie ‘Off Her Feet’ In Season 2 (Exclusive)

Billie's love life is about to get even more complicated. Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos, and Margaret Odette tease the romantic highs and lows of 'Sex/Life' season 2.

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Billie may have gone back to Brad in the final moments of Sex/Life’s first season, but she’s a bit too late. (Or is she?) Brad’s moved on with a new woman named Gigi. But is this really the end of Brad and Billie? HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELy with Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos about what the future holds in Sex/Life season 2.

Adam Demos
Adam Demos and Wallis Day as Brad and Gigi. (Netflix)

“I think it really knocks her off her feet,” Sarah told HollywoodLife. “I think she probably felt Brad was the one thing that would always be there for her. And it’s like, you snooze, you lose. She was not available. Timing is another thing about this show, and people meeting each other at the right time. It’s such a relatable thing. She has missed out on something and tries to spend the rest of the episode maybe making peace with that but also coming to her own self-actualization and her own independence and her own way of doing things and being a working mother, co-parenting, the children, and just navigating all of those waters for the first time on her own.”

Sarah noted that Billie is in a “real precarious position” with her husband, Cooper. “She goes back home and he tells her that he’s tracking her,” she added. “They’re confronted with a real, honest moment where they have to take a look at their relationship and she says, ‘I’m not happy.’ And they finally discuss things that she was thinking last season but never said out loud. That is where you find the two of them at the beginning of this season.”

Brad’s new girl is Gigi, played by Batwoman alum Wallis Day. While there are real feelings between Brad and Gigi, Adam said that “nothing quite like what Brad and Billie feel for each other. You can search high and low. They both try to move on, but there’s that one special thing that only they have for each other that they’ll never find outside of that. I think they both try to find it somewhere else or be at peace with a life without each other because it never worked timing-wise, but the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Sarah Shahi
Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos as Billie and Brad. (Netflix)

Sasha also has major developments in her romantic life in season 2. She’s not wrapped up in a love triangle, but she has her fair share of relationship woes.

“It’s not a triangle but it’s certainly causing all sorts of geometry to happen in her emotional landscape,” Margaret Odette told HollywoodLife. “It really rocks Sasha off of her center and destabilizes her. I think in season 1 we meet this woman who is so independent and passionate about her independence and relishing in that and relishing in taking men as she meets them and discarding [them] otherwise. She’s not able to do that with this person who has come back into her life after all these years and after all this growth that she’s experienced on her own and as an independent woman. So for her, the real threat is: can I have this life and this career I want with this man as a part of it? She’s really not sure if she can, and she doesn’t want to sacrifice all this incredible work she’s done on herself and all this progress and the success that she’s had for this man that she just can’t shake him. She’s got to navigate that.” Sex/Life season 2 premieres March 2 on Netflix.