Joy Behar Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction Live On ‘The View’ & Whoopi Teases Her: Watch

'The View' co-hosts all shared a laugh after Joy Behar had some issues with her bra during the broadcast on Valentine's Day.

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The ladies of The View had a huge laugh together after Joy Behar, 80, had some issues with her bra during their Valentine’s Day broadcast on Tuesday, February 14. After coming back from a break, Whoopi Goldberg, 67, revealed that her longtime co-host had gone through a wardrobe malfunction, and they shared some laughs about the mishap. “The biggest surprise happened to us seconds ago, when Joy’s bra started making all kinds of eyes at people at the table. It was like an earthquake, and suddenly the bra was like, ‘Hello.’ It was something else,” Whoopi joked. “She almost put my eye out from where I was sitting.”

After Whoopi revealed what had happened, Joy was seen adjusting her shirt, and she made a joke about how her mishap was a gift for some of the elderly viewers of the daytime talk show. “It was my special gift to all the old people out there on Valentine’s Day. All the old guys!” she said.

All the women at the table shared a laugh, and Whoopi started to introduce the next topic they’d be discussing—the recent flying objects that have been shot down by the U.S. military—but she couldn’t help but get one last joke in. “A whole lot of people are speculating about what’s been hovering—it’s her breasts—over American skies,” she quipped. “After the U.S. military shot down four objects in eight days. So that’s mine and yours.”

Whoopi and Joy shared some laughs after a recent wardrobe malfunction. (Shutterstock)

As everyone laughed, Joy quickly jumped in with a joke of her own. “Just the left one,” she said, after Whoopi made the joke about her breasts. They then quickly moved into the main discussion and didn’t talk about the wardrobe malfunction any further.

The wardrobe malfunction hasn’t been the only mishap that the pair have experienced live on-air during The View. The ladies recently had a short fumble with a coffee cup during a January show, with them spilling the contents while on-air, and they worked to clean it up while continuing the hot topic discussion.