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Pamela Anderson Says She ‘Wanted To Be A Nun’: My Career ‘Took A Different Route’

The 'Baywatch' star opened up about how she had a very different profession in mind when she was a young girl during an interview with Drew Barrymore.

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Church and habits may not be the typical things that people think of when they hear the name Pamela Andersonbut the actress recently revealed that long before she dreamed of becoming a star, she thought about going into a more religious lifestyle. Pamela, 55, revealed that she had originally planned on becoming a nun when she was a child during a recent interview with Drew Barrymore on her talk show.

Rather than the beach on Baywatch or the Playboy Mansion, Pamela admitted that as a kid she had originally dreamed of living a much more quiet life. “I wanted to be a nun or a librarian. And I kind of took a different route. I don’t know what happened,” she told Drew, per DailyMail“I was at the library every day – I was at story time every day and I really wanted to be a librarian, and then I thought, ‘I really want to be a nun.'”

Pamela revealed that she originally wanted to be a nun during an interview with Drew Barrymore. (Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock)

Even though Pam didn’t end up becoming a nun, she did admit that she still incorporates religion into her daily life. “I have my prayers I say in the morning, I have to do my routine – my Hail Marys, my little thing with my little Mary sculpture,” she said.

At another point in the interview, Pam spoke about doing an “empowering” exercise, where she tried to channel her inner-child by putting photos of herself as a kid everywhere she could. “When was I normal? Before weird stuff started happening to me, I need to go back to that five-year-old child. So, I started putting her picture everywhere, and when I did Broadway, I put her picture on the mirror, and I said, ‘She’s going to do Broadway, and I’m going to get out of the way,'” she said. “It’s a crazy exercise to picture yourself at five-years-old from head-to-toe and embrace that person and tell them that they’re going to be okay and get through everything.”

The Baywatch star was on the talk show surrounding the release of her personal and intimate new memoir Love, Pamela and Netflix documentary Pamela, a Love Story, both of which were released at the end of January.