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Travis & Jason Kelce’s Mom Reveals Who She’s Rooting For In Super Bowl As They Compete

Donna Kelce, the mother of NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce, said watching her boys face off in the 2023 Super Bowl is 'gonna be an awesome event' regardless of who wins.

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Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce
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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 33, and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, 35, are about to make history at Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12 by becoming the first brothers to ever face off in a championship game. As one may imagine, their mother, Donna Kelce — who has a custom-made NFL jersey that is comprised of both her sons’ jerseys (seen below) — is ecstatic for her sons. And while her special jersey makes her out to be unbiased, she revealed that she is actually rooting for one son over the other to win.

“Both fanbases are absolutely amazing and give everything they have on gameday,” she said on Feb. 1 TODAY show appearance. “I think that Jason would say that I’m going to root for the baby of the family, which is Travis, and I keep trying to tell him, ‘No, you’ve given me grandchildren.’ So, we’ll leave it at that. It’s always about the grands!” However, to make things fair, she conceded that she will root for whichever team has the ball.

Luckily, Donna doesn’t feel too much pressure because both her sons have already won a Super Bowl (Travis in 2020 against the San Francisco 49ers and Jason in 2018 against the New England Patriots). “They’ve already got the first win under their belts, so this is gonna be just pure joy,” she smiled. “Obviously, there’s gonna be somebody that’s gonna go home heartbroken, they’re not gonna have bragging rights at the Thanksgiving table, but this is gonna be an awesome event and I’m really looking forward to it.”

She also opened up about what it feels like to be the first mother with sons going into the Super Bowl on opposing teams. “Well you knew it was going to happen eventually to somebody because there are so many brothers in the NFL right now playing at a high level. It just happened to be that we were the lucky ones first. So, I think it’ll probably be more and more prominent,” she humbly stated.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce
Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce show each other some love on the football field in 2017 (Photo: AP/Shutterstock)

And although there’s plenty of talk about the “Kelce Bowl”, the brothers said on their Feb. 1 New Heights podcast episode that they prefer the attention to be shared with the entire team. “I kinda don’t like that we’re calling it the ‘Kelce Bowl’. Appreciate the support, but there’s a lot of guys involved with this. There’s major organizations involved. There’s unbelievable storylines in this Super Bowl,” Jason said. “We’re going to get asked about this question non-stop from here ‘til the end of the game, and I’m already over it.” Travis added, “Appreciate you guys calling it the ‘Kelce Bowl’ but let’s focus on the Chiefs-Eagles.”

Fans who want to see the sibling rivalry go down can catch the game (and Rihanna‘s highly anticipated  halftime performance) on Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. EST on Fox.