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Shakira Reportedly ‘Devastated’ Ex Gerard Pique Was Allegedly Cheating

After a 2021 video with Gerard resurfaced featuring a peek at his new girlfriend at his and Shakira's home, the singer is reportedly 'devastated.'

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Shakira and her ex Gerard Piqué may have split in June 2022, but a new scandal has brought back all the drama for the international superstar. A 2021 video showing Gerard and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti together in the house he and Shakira shared has resurfaced and gone viral, causing Shakira to feel “devastated,” according to sources for Page Six. The smoking gun stream was allegedly filmed when Shakira and Gerard, who co-parent sons, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, were “happily together”, per the insider. The source added that Shakira is now “devastated to learn that this woman clearly felt at home in the house they shared with their children.”

Shakira is reportedly ‘devastated’ over the news of a 2021 resurfaced video showing Gerard Pique with his girlfriend. (Leire P J/DYDPPA/Shutterstock)

The viral video (below) is an excerpt from a Twitch stream that featured the soccer star chatting with Ibai Llanos, the Spanish sportscaster, according to Sportsmanor. The video showed Clara Chia in the background while Gerard spoke with Ibai. There was also a moment where she appeared to help Gerard set up the camera and another where she appeared to answer the front door after a knock, according to the site. Even more jaw-dropping, Gerard appeared to call to Clara Chia by name at one point in the clip.

“[Shakira and Gerard] were very much still together at that time,” the Page Six source said of resurfaced video. “It’s devastating for her to learn that this affair had been going on for a lot longer than she imagined,” the insider added.

Shakira even appeared to reference the video and the cheating allegations in her New Year’s Eve post to her fans! Taking to her Instagram to share the message, which was written in Spanish, she said, ” “Even if we are still open in this new year, time has surgeon’s hands. Even if someone has betrayed us, we must continue to trust others.”

“When faced with contempt, continue to know your worth. Because there are more good people than indecent ones. More people with empathy than indifference,” it continued. “The ones who leave are fewer than the many who stay by our side. Our tears are not in vain, they water the soil our future will spring from and make us more human, so that even while suffering heartache we can continue to love.”