‘The White Lotus’ Recap: The Body In The Water Is Revealed & Harper Confesses The Truth

Several people didn't make it out of Sicily alive. 'The White Lotus' season 2 finale featured shocking deaths, major revelations, and epic twists.

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The White Lotus season 2 finale beings with Ethan still obsessing about Cameron and Harper possibly hooking up. He can’t get the image out of his head. Meanwhile, Cameron initially ignores Daphne’s calls to come to talk to their son. After angrily flossing, he rushes out to continue playing the part.

Albie’s still in throes of his honeymoon period with Lucia. He tells her that he’s going to help her. “Maybe you can come to LA,” Albie says to Lucia. As Albie makes plans that include Lucia, Dominic cries over what he’s done to his family.

Albie Lucia
Albie and Lucia in ‘The White Lotus.’ (HBO)

Tanya wakes up and finds Quentin whispering with a bunch of his acquaintances. They ask her about her night with Nicolo. “The whole night was like a dream,” Tanya says before wondering about Portia. Portia is still with Jack and finds her phone missing. She needs to call Tanya and knows she left her phone charging on the table. “It’s all going to be fine,” a sleepy Jack says.

Portia knows that something doesn’t feel right. Jack says that maybe she left it at the bar. Portia tells him that she had it last night in bed because she was looking for him on Instagram and couldn’t find him. Jack pulls her back into bed as Portia gets more and more worried.

A Karmic Payment & A Revelation

Later, Tanya goes back into one of the bedrooms and looks at the cowboy picture one last time. Quentin finds her in there, and she asks him about it. Quentin tells her the man in the photo is Steve. He doesn’t know what happened to him. Tanya points out that the man looks “just like Greg” and the “resemblance is uncanny.”

At breakfast, Albie asks his dad for 50,000 euros for Lucia. Dominic refuses to help him. Albie tells his dad to “think of it as a karmic payment” for everything he’s done. Dominic offers 10,000 euros. Albie doesn’t accept. To bargain with his father, Albie tells Dominic that he’ll help him out with mom if he gives all 50,000 euros.

Theo James
Theo James as Cameron. (HBO)

The tension reaches a breaking point at breakfast between Ethan, Harper, and Cameron. In the middle of the conversation, Harper calls Cameron an “idiot.” Everyone falls silent after that.

Back in the room, Ethan snaps. “You f**ked him. I know what you did. You f**ked him to get back at me,” Ethan says to Harper. Harper denies screwing Cameron, but Ethan doesn’t believe her. Ethan thinks Harper calling Cameron an “idiot” was the moment he knew. He asks why the door was latched.

“I told you the whole truth,” Ethan says. Harper swears she didn’t do anything. He still thinks she’s lying. “I can’t move on from this until you tell me exactly the truth,” Ethan tells Harper.

And that’s when Harper finally reveals what really happened. She explains they did shots at the bar, and Cameron said they should go upstairs. Harper notes that Cameron kept touching her leg under the table at dinner the night before. When they went upstairs, she let him in. He latched the door and kissed her. Harper says it lasted for two seconds. “I’m not even attracted to him,” Harper says. “I regretted it immediately.”

Harper thinks the real issue is that Ethan isn’t attracted to her at all. “You’re still lying to me,” Ethan says. Ethan’s rage is at an all-time high now. He goes looking for Cameron and walks right into the water to confront him. They get into a brutal fight. A guy breaks up the fight but not before Ethan gets one good punch in toward Cameron. As Ethan walks away, Cameron just laughs in the water.

Haley Lu Richardson
Haley Lu Richardson and Leo Woodall as Portia and Jack. (HBO)

Tanya Finally Reaches Portia

Portia finally calls Tanya on Jack’s phone. Tanya is on the boat back to the hotel. Tanya confesses to seeing Jack and Quentin screwing each other at the villa. “I feel like something bad is happening,” a worried Portia says. Portia reveals to Tanya that Quentin has no money and Jack is helping him. Tanya then tells Portia about the photo, and the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Greg insisted they come to Sicily. If Tanya divorces Greg, he gets nothing. But if she dies, he gets everything.

Tanya asks Portia to meet her back at Taormina. Jack finds Portia and cuts off her conversation with Tanya. She tells Jack that she has to get back to Taormina right away.

Ethan is still trying to blow off steam after his fight with Cameron. Daphne calls him over. She admits that she’s noticed he hasn’t been himself. Ethan tells Daphne that he thinks something happened between Cameron and Harper. Daphne stays silent for a moment, calculating what her next move is and how she wants to handle this.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” Daphne says. “You don’t have to know everything to love someone… A little mystery, it’s kind of sexy.” A little imagination never hurt anyone, she admits. Daphne asks Ethan to go on a walk with her. They head into a dark, secluded area. You can infer what happens between them.

When Portia gets in the car with Jack, she asks if she’s been kidnapped. She just wants the truth from him. She brings up what Tanya told her about him and Quentin. Jack’s entire mood changes. He stresses to her to just let him do her job. “How am I your job?” Portia asks. He wants her to stop asking questions.

Tanya drops her phone in the ocean. She knows that the “gays are trying to murder me.” Nicolo shows up on a boat with a black bag. Tanya assumes the worst.

Tanya and Quentin in ‘The White Lotus.’ (HBO)

On his way to dinner, Cameron hands Lucia an envelope of cash. Ethan and Harper are sitting quietly at dinner. Ethan looks over at Harper as she wipes away a tear. Cameron and Daphne come over to their table to have dinner with them. Cameron acts as if nothing has happened, but he makes sure to get in a dig at Ethan. “It has been fantastic to finally get to know you properly,” Cameron says to Harper.

Tanya Kills Quentin & The Body In The Water Is Revealed

Back in their room, Harper asks Ethan what’s going to happen to them. He finally gives her what she’s been asking for: affection. In the midst of their lovemaking, they break the glass statue.

Dominic tells Albie that the money has been transferred. He wants to pretend it never happened. Albie admits that he’s already put in a good word with his mom. An excited Albie tells Lucia about the money, and it’s clear that she’s using him.

Quentin reveals to Tanya that she’s going to go on a boat ride back to the hotel with Nicolo. She tries to stall. She runs back inside the boat and grabs Nicolo’s bag. She goes through it and finds rope, tape, and a gun. Tanya shoots Nicolo, Quentin, and more. Quentin is alive but barely. She asks him if Greg was having an affair. He doesn’t say anything.

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza as Harper. (HBO)

Jack pulls the car over on the side of a random road to get out for a smoke. He tells Portia that he’s not taking her back to the hotel. He doesn’t think that she should go back. The airport is just down the street, and she needs to get out of Sicily. He asks her to not be stupid and throws out a phone.

Tanya is crying on the boat trying to figure out what to do next. She attempts to climb over the railing and onto Nicolo’s boat when she slips. She hits her head on the boat and falls into the water. Tanya dies trying to save herself.

The next morning, Daphne finds Tanya dead in the water. Lucia leaves Albie behind forever. At the airport, Portia walks up to Albie. She says that Tanya isn’t answering her phone. Albie reveals that someone drowned at the hotel and a bunch of dead bodies were found on a yacht. He asks about Jack. She says Jack was “deranged.” Albie admits that he got played by Lucia. Portia asks Albie for his number. Maybe they’ll get a happy ending. Meanwhile, Lucia and Mia are living their best lives in Sicily.