‘The Culpo Sisters’: Olivia Visits The OB-GYN After Fears That Endometriosis Will Effect Her Fertility (Exclusive)

Olivia Culpo visits her OB-GYN to explore her options for a future pregnancy, two years after her excruciating endometriosis surgery, in a new clip from 'The Culpo Sisters.'

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Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey
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In last week’s episode of The Culpo Sisters, Olivia Culpo opened up about her fertility fears and hopes to have a child of her own one day with her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. Ahead of Monday night’s new episode, HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE clip of Olivia visiting her OB-GYN’s office to find out if she has a “looming timeline” when it comes to having children and if her endometriosis has progressed. The clip stars with Olivia’s best friend and assistant Jackson attempting to name as many parts of the vagina as he can, and it’s honestly impressive.

Later, Jackson accompanies Olivia to see her OB-GYN, Dr. Thais Aliabadi, who performed the model’s endo surgery in November 2020. “Let’s make sure your ovaries are good and the IUD is placed well,” the doctor tells Olivia. “I just need something that will make me feel like I don’t have this looming timeline,” Olivia says to the cameras, before they pan to her receiving an ultrasound of her uterus and ovaries.

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey. (Shutterstock)

“When I see the ultrasound on the screen, I just have major PTSD. I’m just nervous. I hate these appointments,” Olivia says, teary-eyed. “I love this doctor so dearly, but I hate going to the gynecologist because I’m always scared of what they’re going to say.”

She continued, “I’m literally just staring at her lips, waiting for her to say something, I just want her to say something good. I just want to know that everything looks okay.” In the Nov. 21st episode of The Culpo Sisters, Olivia got emotional discussing her possible struggle to get pregnant due to the disease. “Endometriosis can affect your fertility in a lot of different ways,” she said in her confessional. “There is so much that I don’t know about what’s going to happen in the future with that condition and I worry all the time about my timeline. I feel like I have to have kids ASAP.”

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At the same time, she admitted that Christian, who was just traded to the San Francisco 49ers, isn’t ready to have kids and is “completely and totally focused on football and he should be.” Olivia went on to share her fears with her sister, Sophia Culpo, telling her through tears, “I’m so worried about what Christian thinks and putting pressure on my relationship in a way that’s not going to move in the direction I want, but that’s also not who I am.”

“I just can’t imagine having to start over again and I feel like I’ve always been in these vulnerable positions in relationships,” the fashion designer admitted. The 30-year-old opened up about her struggle with endometriosis in 2021, telling PEOPLE the disease was “slowly taking over [her] life,” after being told that her excruciating pain was “normal.” “You begin to plan your life around endometriosis because you can’t function. Every month, you don’t know if it’s going to be five times worse than last month, or ten times worse,” she explained. “It was getting to the point where not only were my periods becoming unbearable, but then I’ve learned also that another symptom of endometriosis, as it’s progressing, is you have pain even in between periods. It’s not only even when you’re on your cycle, it could be in between.”

Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey. (Shutterstock)

One evening prior to her diagnosis, while home with Christian, Olivia experienced stabbing, unbearable pain. The 49ers star took his girlfriend to the emergency room, and, through his team’s physician, she was connected with Dr. Smitha Vilasagar, an OB-GYN who specializes in endometriosis and finally diagnosed Olivia. “I was definitely in pain,” she said of the days after her Nov. 2020 surgery. “But to be honest with you, it was nothing compared to the pain that I had been feeling on a monthly basis. It’s nothing. It’s a walk in the park compared to the monthly pain that you have with endo.”

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