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‘Wednesday’ Breakout Star Emma Myers: Enid & Wednesday ‘Bring Out The Best In Each Other’ (Exclusive)

Everyone is going to want Enid Sinclair to be their new BFF. 'Wednesday' star Emma Myers reveals what to expect from Wednesday and Enid's dynamic, her hopes for season 2, and more.

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Wednesday is one of the most highly-anticipated shows of the year, and Emma Myers is about to have her big breakout moment. The actress plays Enid Sinclair, who becomes Wednesday Addams’ roommate when she comes to Nevermore Academy. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Emma about taking on the role of Enid.

Emma Myers
Emma Myers plays Enid Sinclair in ‘Wednesday.’ (Photographer: Storm Santos)

“Honestly, this project was just something I really couldn’t say no to because, I mean, it is Tim Burton and it is the Addams Family. The scripts are just incredible, so it wasn’t really anything that had to kind of convince me to do it. It was the fact that I really needed to do it. I love Enid. I think she’s so fun. I’ve never played a character like her before, so I really enjoyed getting to kind of change it up and become a little bit different,” Emma said.

Wednesday and Enid couldn’t be more different. While Wednesday’s signature color is black, Enid adds a pop of bubblegum pink to Wednesday’s life with her effervescent personality. Emma gushed that it was “incredible” to work alongside co-star Jenna Ortega.

“For a character who’s so monotone and not really supposed to be giving you very much to work with, she does give you so much,” Emma said about Jenna. “She’s so good at you can read every thought she has through her eyes. It was really easy to bounce off of her because I was really nervous that, oh, I don’t know how I’m going to play this with someone who’s very monotone, but she gave me so much. She’s such a great scene partner that I really had no problem with any of it at all. We get along really well, so every scene we had together was super, super fun.”

Emma Myers
Emma Myers at the ‘Wednesday’ premiere. (Netflix)

As they grow closer, Emma revealed that both Enid and Wednesday learn a lot from each other. “I think Enid and Wednesday both kind of take from each other. I think they both teach each other very important lessons like Enid teaches Wednesday that she can feel emotions and she can cry and still be a badass and still be strong. Wednesday teaches Enid how to stand up for herself and to just be okay with who she is. So I think they really bring out the best in each other, and I think it’s great that they became roommates,” Emma told HollywoodLife.

Emma teased that Enid is a bit “nervous” about Wednesday becoming her new roommate at first. “She really wants to have a good relationship with her but, of course, once they get there, she’s not at all what Enid thought she would be like,” Emma said. “So that kind of makes Enid try a little bit harder, while at the same time being a little weirded out by her. But she kind of cracks her wall and gets in there.”

The actress will also share scenes with Christina Ricci, who previously played Wednesday Addams, who stars in the Netflix series as Marilyn Thornhill. “Her being in the show… it was kind of like blessing the whole show,” Emma noted. “I mean, it was so fun to watch her and Jenna be in the same scenes together because it was Wednesday and Wednesday. She’s just an incredible person and what she brought to the show was really, really amazing. I’m excited for people to see the dynamic between her and Jenna.”

On top of being a teenager, Enid is also a werewolf. To prep for the role, Emma had to go through a “4-hour werewolf boot camp.” She added, “Every morning I wasn’t filming I was in the stunt gym for like two hours. Me and Georgie [Farmer] were both in there constantly.”

Emma Myers
Emma Myers is part of the ensemble cast of ‘Wednesday.’ (Photographer: Storm Santos)

Emma teased that fans will learn Enid’s backstory over the course of the first season. “I don’t want to spoil too much about it, but you do find out why she acts the way she acts and why she gets really emotional about some topics that get brought up. There’s a little bit of tragic backstory,” Emma told HollywoodLife.

The first season will consist of 8 episodes, which will premiere on November 23. Emma revealed that there “might be a little bit of a cliffhanger” in the season finale, which would leave things open for a second season.

If Wednesday does get renewed for season 2, Emma has some ideas for Enid’s next chapter. “I would like Enid to kind of become a little detective in her own way and tag along with Wednesday when she wants to. But I also think another thing that would be really cool in a season 2 would kind of touch on the international outcasts. I feel like that would be so fun, like how different countries deal with their own outcasts and according to different myths in different countries,” Emma said. Bring it on!