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Serena William’s Husband Alexis Ohanian Claps Back At Drake For Calling Him A ‘Groupie’

s there anyone that Drake DIDN'T upset with his new album? After calling Alexis Ohanian a 'groupie,' Serena Williams' husband fired back.

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It’s almost been a decade since Drake jumped on DJ Khaled’s “No New Friends,” and by the end of this year, Drake, 36, might not have any friends left. On his joint album with 21 Savage – the same project where he called Megan Thee Stallion a liar over her Tory Lanez shooting accusations – Drake took a shot at Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, by calling the Reddit co-founder a “groupie.” In response, Alexis, 39, tweeted a picture of him, Serena, 41, and their 5-year-old daughter, Olympia. “The reason I stay winning is because I’m relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter.”

Alexis Ohanian responds to Drake’s shade (Twitter)

Serena responded to the post with a series of “face covered in hearts” emojis. Earlier in the Twitter thread, Alexis opened up on his personal growth since falling for Serena. “It’s cliche, but life changed when I became a husband + papa. It’s made me 100x better as a man and a businessman. In [Serena], I found a partner I knew I would never outgrow, who would always motivate me to be Greater,” he tweeted. “I’m grateful. Everything I accomplished before those hard convos in 2020 is irrelevant to me compared to the work Jr will see me doing now. Creating one multi-billion dollar company (& seeding 35+ more) taught me a lot, now we’re going to scale that using software + empathy.”

Alexis’s subtweeting Drake came after Drake called out the couple on “Middle of the Ocean.” The former Degrassi actor rapped, “Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie / He claim we don’t got a problem but / No, boo, it is like you comin’ for sushi / We might pop up on ’em at will like Suzuki.” The line will continue to amplify the rumors of Drake and Serena’s alleged romance, though it might just drive Serena and Drake further apart.

Olympia, Alexis, and Serena (JEAN CATUFFE/DPPI/Shutterstock)

The Canadian rapper also referenced Honestly, Nevermind, the house-inspired album he released earlier this year (“The first martini is an espresso / Chill shot glasses with prosecco /N—- so ignorant in our hood, they bе like, ‘Why the f-ck you makin’ techno?’) Unfortunately, that album won’t be the most “disappointing” thing Drake does in 2022. On “Circo Loco,” also off of Her Loss, Drake threw some shade out Megan The Stallion, 27.

“I been blowing through the money like it grow on trees / I been f-cking on a French b-tch, c’est la vie / ItI just put ’em on a jet, now they all Italian / Way I’m dressing ’til I been to a thousand islands / This b-tch lie ’bout getting shots, but she still a stallion / She don’t even get the joke, but she still smiling,” he raps at the start of the song, per Genius.

“I know I’m very popular, but y’all gotta stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories in bars to my name,” tweeted Megan following the release of the song. She added, “Stop using my shooting for clout bitch ass n—-s! Since when tf is it cool to joke abt women getting shot? You n—-s especially RAP N—-S ARE LAME! Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dog pile on a black woman when she say one of y’all homeboys abused her.”