Snoop Dogg: Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Be ‘Talked About For Generations’ (EXCLUSIVE)

After playing the Super Bowl himself, Snoop Dogg shares his thoughts on Rihanna’s upcoming Halftime performance, and why the upcoming holidays will be lit, thanks to Martha Stewart and BIC EZ Reach lighters.

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The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show was among the best in NFL history. Featuring hip-hop icons Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Anderson .Paak, it’s a tough act to follow. But if anyone can do it at Super Bowl LVII, it’s Rihanna. Just ask Snoop Dogg, who hit the field of SoFi Stadium along with his fellow legends in 2021. With that experience under his belt, does Snoop have any pointers for Rihanna ahead of her Halftime performance? “I can’t give her any advice,” Snoop tells HollywoodLife. “She’s one of the greatest to do it. She knows what to do. But I do know that she’s gonna create a show that everyone will talk about for many generations.”

Rihanna confirmed her return to music on Sept. 25 with an Instagram photo showing her hand holding an NFL-branded football. Shortly afterward, the NFL announced that the Fenty mogul would headline the Super Bowl Halftime show. On Oct. 28, Rihanna also released “Lift Me Up,” the lead single from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack and her first new song in six years.

Snoop Dogg (Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock)

So, expect Snoop Dogg to mark Feb. 12, 2023, as a holiday on his calendar. Though, every day is a holiday when you’re Snoop. As the living embodiment of cool, Snoop could probably find a reason to celebrate, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, or a random 4 pm in June. His joyous spirit and chill attitude led him to team with his close friend, Martha Stewart, for the 2022 Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Advent Calendar by BIC® EZ Reach® Lighters.

Since everyone needs a lighter, Snoop might give St. Nick a run for his money this season. “You know it!” Snoop tells HollywoodLife when considering the possibility of becoming Snoop Claus. “I’m excited to work with Martha, and BIC EZ Reach to spread a little holiday cheer with the BIC EZ Reach Lighters Advent Calendar. It’s going to be the season’s hottest hit. Everything from BIC EZ Reach Lighters designed by Martha and me, scented candles — a perfect companion to your new lighter —  to recipes and advice from yours truly.”

(The only way to get one of these limited-edition advent calendars is to win one by visiting up until Nov. 4.)

Those recipes will come in handy with the coming holiday season. If one hasn’t picked up From Crook To To Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen, aka Snoop’s cookbook, there’s plenty of time to do so before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any of the other winter celebrations. Speaking of such, Snoop shared some of his holiday plans. “I like staying in and watching football with my people during the holiday season. It’s what we do,” he tells HollywoodLife.

“I love Halloween,” he adds. “I usually spend time with the grandkids and have a little party for them.” When asked if he had any suggestions for The Sound of Halloween playlist, he picked out “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. “That’s on everyone’s playlist. I don’t care who you are or what you do, everyone loves it.”

Celebrate the 24 days of holiday fun with Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and BIC (Courtesy of BIC)

On the topic of family and love, the only thing that burns brighter than a BIC lighter is Snoop’s friendship with Martha Stewart. “I always have a blast working with Martha, and if there’s an opportunity to help make our fans’ holiday season ‘lit,’ then I’m all for it,” adds Snoop. “During the holidays, it’s the small things that matter most, and the BIC EZ Reach Advent Calendar is an easy way to bring a little joy each day – just open a door and reveal a special gift. It’s a surefire way to light up your holiday.”

When asked about what has been one of the best parts of this friendship, Snoop reflected on his bond with the lifestyle icon. “Martha is very business savvy,” he says, “but she knows how to enjoy life too. When we talk, we always keep each other in the loop about our latest ideas, but also what our families are up to as well. I love her funny stories because her friends are from all walks of life, just like mine.”

In addition to the BIC EZ Reach Advent Calendar, Martha and Snoop teamed up for a 19 Crimes 2-Pack, featuring a bottle of Snoop’s Cali Red wine and Martha’s Card chardonnay. The limited edition 2-pack is available now, and perfect for your upcoming holidays.

In the spirit of giving, HollywoodLife asked Snoop if he could give anyone a BIC EZ Reach lighter this season, who would he pick? “Who else but Martha?” he says. “We love using our BIC EZ Reach lighters – after all, it is the lighter for all lighting occasions. You can catch us lighting candles this holiday season. So, whether you’re hosting or toasting during the holidays, the BIC EZ Reach is perfect for lighting hard-to-reach places while helping keep fingers away from the flame.”

Snoop is no stranger to reinvention, and he pointed out that the lighters are “available in a variety of designs to match every personality and occasion.” This includes a Snoop Dogg BIC series featuring the rap legend at different phases in his career. Need a little flame before listening to a copy of Snoop’s debut album, Doggystyle? There’s a BIC for that. Need to get the grill cooking while blasting Reincarnated, the Snoop Lion reggae album? There’s a BIC for that. Wanna light some candles before getting in touch with the holy spirit while listening to Snoop’s gospel record, Bible of Love? There’s a BIC for that, too.

(Courtesy of BIC)

Need to light the fireplace while listening to Snoop’s Christmas in Tha Dogg House or Bootsy Collin’s Christmas is 4 Ever this December? Surprise – there’s a BIC for that. Having released his own Christmas album and worked on his Uncle’s record, are there any songs that get Snoop in the holiday spirit? “I get down with some oldies and some new stuff, too,” he says. “Anything that can make me dance. Need that soul.” (Update Dec. 2022: Bootsy heard the call and released “Boot-A-Claus / Here 4 A Reason“)

And people need that 2022 Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Advent Calendar by BIC® EZ Reach® Lighters. The only way to get one is to win one at