Megan Thee Stallion Teaches Workout Class To Boost Your Butt On ‘SNL’ Before Halloween

Hot Girl Summer reason never ends in Megan Thee Stallion's world! The rapper led a workout class showing ladies how to amplify their behind on 'SNL.'

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Megan Thee Stallion knows Halloween is just around the corner — and she wants to get you ready for Spooky Season. “Whether or not you’re dressing as a Sexy With a fat a–, or a first responder with a fat a– — or even Jeffrey Dahmer with a — you know what I’m about to day!” she declared on Saturday Night Live as she squatted in a bright purple workout set, getting ready to lead a class (and you at home) through her go-to workout! The class was aptly named, “Hot Girl Workout” — just like her song, “Hot Girl Summer.”

“With a big a– comes big responsibilities — if you need a modified version, turns your eyes to Keely and Kelly K,” she suggested, as Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman stood next to her in matching neutral yoga pants. “That’s right — any of you looking to not a butt today, look this way…we don’t have buts,” the women declared in unison. “From Kansas to Iowa, that’s our a–,” they pointed out, as Meg quipped, “wow, they have no a–.”

Megan then hilariously broke character as she said, “if you wanna go over there and see Keely and Kelly K, I will not be offended” before getting back to her routine. A woman (Ego Nwodim) in Meg’s class confirmed she was staying put: “No, no — I need a big bitt. I’m getting married next month and I’m planning to take a wagon down the aisle,” she bizarrely explained. Not a problem for Meg, who promised that the “flower girl will be able to sit on your a–” after taking her class!

Megan Thee Stallion leads a workout class in an ‘SNL’ sketch. (NBC)

“Now drop it low, drop it low,” the rapper instructed to the class. Keely and Kelly, however, told their followers to do the opposite — and “raise high” before “getting little with it” for a small twerk-inspired move. “Little, little, little — sag the a–, release the tension, sag the a– release the tension,” they then said to a confused class.

Megan ignored them and called attention back to the “big butt” class members, telling them it was time to get their weights out! “I wanna see you slaggin’ ten pounders,” she said, demonstrating for the “Apple Bottoms” to drop low and “work it.” Heidi and Chloe’s Keely and Kelly once again went opposite, and suggested for their fans to “punch” each others butts in to keep them flat — once again confusing the group.

“We have ugly flat butts — sorry we aren’t the Kardashians. Maybe we should just leave,” they said, but Megan wouldn’t allow it. “No, your depleted whoopi cushions are not going anywhere,” she said, letting them know they could instruct the class and “erase those a–es” to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

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