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Nicole Scherzinger Gushes Over ‘Finding Her Voice’ & ‘Doing Her Own Thing’ For First Album In 8 Yrs.

‘The Masked Singer’ judge revealed her highly anticipated upcoming album will “say the things [she] now has the confidence to say.”

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Nicole Scherzinger
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Nicole Scherzinger has released singles and features over the years, as she pursued a musical theater career and continued her judging stint on The Masked Singer. However, she’s getting ready to return to the stage and perform her first album in 8 years. “It’s been many years since I’ve sat down and really hunkered down and worked on an album, and it’s just awesome to be creating my own sound right now. A sound that people have not heard from me,” she told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I’m just really inspired.”

The former Pussycat Dolls member admitted that performing in Annie: Live! last year as Grace Farrell reminded her of her “love for musical theater and using all the different facets of [her] voice and singing different styles and genres.” “I’m making my Sasha Fierce album. It’s from a different place, and for the first time, it’s really exciting for me to be able to write from this evolved place in my life and to be able to say the things that I really want to say,” Nicole explained. “There’s a lot of things always going on in life, whether it’s through relationships, or even the press, and I always try to keep it very classy and handle everything with grace. But then, I go to my music and I hit the pen to the page and just say, ‘This is going to be my voice.’” 

Nicole Scherzinger performing. (Shutterstock)

Nicole added that she “hopes” her new music is “not only [her] voice, but a voice for others, as well.” “I want it to be uplifting and empowering because I know what it’s like to not feel uplifted and empowered. And sometimes it’s just you need music to be a reminder, and to help you. I want my music to be that difference,” she told HL. “I’m truly passionate and I’m excited that I have the balls to do what I really want to do and my own thing and how I want to do it. I’ve never done that, this is the first time I’m doing it.” 

The singer teased taking the stage herself to perform some new music on the new season of The Masked Singer, and added that she hopes to be “releasing singles at the top of the year.” “My superpower is really lighting up on the stage, so I always think about that when going into the studio and think, ‘Let’s write this live,’” Nicole said, referring to advice given to her by Prince. “He once said to me, ‘When I wrote ‘Purple Rain,’ I wrote it live to be performed live.’ I try to create that space for us to create from and a lot of the songs are extremely anthemic.”

Nicole Scherzinger is the new Hot Tools Style Ambassador. (Courtesy of Hot Tools)

Nicole added that she has relied on her workouts recently as a time to brainstorm and get inspired. “Sometimes I just go on jogs and use that time to listen to ideas for the new album, and I love doing that,” she explained. “I’m always inspired by different types of workouts, like dance cardio and I’m trying out new things all the time. Right now it’s more HIIT workouts because it’s the most effective, for me, to be able to incorporate weights and interval training and cardio all at the same time.”

In between judging The Masked Singer, working on her new album, working out, performing and more, Nicole was announced as the newest Hot Tools Style Ambassador! “It just makes perfect sense. I have a ton of hair and with Hot Tools, I get to style it and be creative,” Nicole gushed. “It’s such a natural, beautiful partnership because they promote innovation, not only with the tools they’re creating, but with the styling that they want people to be able to do and to be able to really express themselves through their hair. That’s my motto! I express myself through music, I express myself through my glam.” She added that her go-to Hot Tools item is the Pro Artist Black Gold Quietair Power Dryer, which is “revolutionary because it’s 30% quieter than other hair dryers.” Nicole’s other fave is the Signature Steam Styler, which is “like a flatiron, but with steam, it’s 30% less heat to your hair, but the same sleek results.” “It’s much healthier for your hair and leaves it looking healthier and shinier!” the singer added.