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Florence Pugh Sings Full Version Of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Song Written By Harry Styles

The complete version of Florence Pugh singing 'With You All The Time,' which was written by her 'Don't Worry Darling' co-star Harry Styles, has finally arrived.

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Florence Pugh Harry Styles
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The trailers leading up to the release of Don’t Worry Darling all featured snippets of Florence Pugh singing “With You All The Time,” the song written by Harry Styles for the movie. Upon the film’s release on September 23, the complete version dropped. Florence sings the full version of the “trigger song” for the soundtrack.

While Harry doesn’t sing the song he wrote for the movie’s soundtrack, he doesn’t avoid singing entirely in the movie. He lightly sings the song during a pivotal point in the movie. Florence mostly hums the “trigger song,” which is her character’s tether to the real world. The song is credited to “Alice and Jack,” Florence and Harry’s characters in the film. Harry plays the piano on the track.

Harry actually wrote the song in only 5 minutes, according to director Olivia Wilde. “In prep, Harry called me and said, ‘What’s the trigger song? Like, what’s the melody?’” she told Variety. “I said, ‘I don’t know. I’m going to different writers to write it. Do you have anything in mind?’ And he said, ‘I’ll think about it.’”

She continued, “Five minutes later, he sent me a demo from his piano, and it was what ended up in the film. He called me and said, ‘What about this?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. And that’s really insane that you did that in five minutes.’”

Florence Pugh Harry Styles
Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as Alice and Jack. (Warner Bros.)

Harry wrote “With You All The Time” in a way that “could be both sweet and creepy, entirely dependent on the context. I remember first playing it on the piano, and it had a sort of homemade nursery rhyme feel to it. Applied to the different moments in the film, I think it takes on a couple of different lives — I hope.”

The behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Don’t Worry Darling has taken over the world in the weeks leading up to the movie’s release. From whether or not Shia LaBeouf was fired from the world to the internet thinking Harry spit on Chris Pine, the Don’t Worry Darling press tour has never been dull.