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Kylie & Kris Jenner Mock Kendall’s Odd Cucumber Cutting Skills In New Video: ‘This Is Genetic’

Kylie and Kris Jenner mocked Kendall for how she cuts cucumbers in a hilarious new video for 'Vogue' on Sept. 13.

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Kylie Jenner, 25, and mom, Kris Jenner, 66, couldn’t resist having a laugh at the way Kendall Jenner, 26, cut a cucumber. The Kylie Cosmetics collaborators made the quip during a YouTube video for Vogue released on Sept. 13, as they cooked up a delicious meal. When the 25-year-old took to the cutting board to chop up a zucchini, she asked her mom if she should “cut it like Kendall,” to which Kris replied, “Yeah. You know what? This is genetic.”

Of course, the moment was all in good fun as they referenced the moment from Hulu’s The Kardashians when Kendall cut a cucumber in an awkward way. During a May episode, Kendall was seen preparing a snack and awkwardly placed one hand over the other as she attempted to slice the vegetable — causing social media to express concern she may also cut herself.

Kylie & Kris Jenner during a YouTube video with ‘Vogue’ on Sept. 13. (Courtesy of Vogue/YouTube)

Kylie couldn’t help but dispute the claim and clapped back, “Genetic?! I don’t cut things like this.” But despite mocking her sister at first, the former billionaire then followed up to say that Kendall might have had a good point. “Kendall is on to something like this feels really good,” Kylie said.

The two businesswomen were making martinis and cooking a delicious pasta primavera to promote their latest makeup collaboration together. They launched the Kris Collection with Kylie Cosmetics on Sept. 14, making it the iconic duo’s second makeup collab since their 2018 Momager collection. Kylie and Kris also talked to James Corden about the beauty launch during a TV interview on Sept. 9. The Kris Collection includes a handful of beauty products: a Lip Serum, Curetini Undereye Patches, Pressed Powder Palette, Matte Lip Crayon Set, and a Blush and Highlighter Cheek Duo.

Kylie took to her Instagram on Sept. 10, sporting the exact same look that she wore during the Vogue YouTube video. The mom-of-two wore a stunning black leather corset, diamond necklace, and matching earrings for the shoot. Kylie also wore her raven-hued hair in an elegant updo while she applied her Kris Collection Lip Crayon. Kris also kept her look classy with a black long-sleeve dress and a major statement necklace that dripped with diamonds. In the video, Kylie and her mom sipped on ice-cold martinis together completely decked out in jewelry, as they tried out the Kris Collection themselves. Like mother, like daughter!

The day of the product launch, Kylie also shared a gorgeous photo with her mom on Instagram to announce the collection’s release. She captioned the photo, “you’ve been krissed. our brand new collection is available NOW!! @kyliecosmetics.” Both of the beautiful ladies looked stunning in their promotional photos wearing almost matching black corsets while they sipped their martini cocktails.