‘AGT’ Recap: The Last 3 Finalists Are Revealed After Instant Save Vote

The last results show of the 'AGT' qualifiers featured shocking eliminations since only 3 acts could move forward to the season 17 finals.

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The stakes have never been higher. It’s the last results show before the season 17 finals. Just 3 acts are able to make it to next week’s season 17 finals. After the final 11 acts performed in the September 6 episode of America’s Got Talent, most of them will be going home.

AGT Last Results Show Of The Qualifiers

Terry Crews kicks things off by calling Aubrey Burchell, Kristen Cruz, and Travis Japan to step forward. Only one act is making the top 5 of tonight’s results show. That act is… Kristen Cruz!

Kristy Sellars
Kristy Sellars during the results show. (NBC)

Kristy Sellars, Shu Takada, and Blade 2 Blade head to the front of the stage. Kristy Sellars has made the top 5, which means Shu and Blade 2 Blade are going home.

Max Ostler and Urbancrew face off next. Urbancrew is headed to the top 5! Mayyas go up against Jordan Conley and Mervant Vera. In the least surprising news of the night, the act still in the competition is Mayyas! However, between Jordan and Mervant, one of them has also made the top 5. Mervant is still in it to win it!

Kristen, Kristy, Urbancrew, Mayyas, and Mervant round out the top 5 of tonight’s results show. Terry narrows this group down to the top 3: Mayyas, Mervant, and Kristy. There’s one more elimination of the night.

Mayyas will compete in the season 17 finals! (NBC)

The first act of the night to officially make the season 17 finals is Mayyas! Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer still has a chance to win it all. “I am not surprised that this is happening,” Sofia says.

There’s just one spot left in the season 17 finals, besides the Wildcard vote. Between Mervant and Kristy, Kristy is headed to the finals! The pole dancer extraordinaire breaks down in tears. “I did not expect that,” she says as tears fall from her face.

Instant Save Act Revealed

There’s still one more result before the season 17 finals. The judges have chosen their wildcard picks. They’ll compete for the Instant Save. Only one act will compete in the finale. The wildcard acts are Players Choir, Celia Munoz, Lily Meola, and Don McMillan. The winner of the Instant Save is… Celia Munoz!

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