Lily Meola: 5 Things To Know About The Golden Buzzer Singer Of ‘AGT’ Season 17

Lily Meola is back for her second performance after receiving the coveted 'AGT' Golden Buzzer. Here's everything you need to know about this talented singer.

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The America’s Got Talent qualifiers are still in full swing, and Lily Meola will make her first appearance since her stellar audition during the August 30 episode. She’ll be one of 11 acts performing for a spot in the season 17 finals. Only 2 acts will be moving forward.

So, who is Lily Meola? She’s already worked with legendary artists. HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things to know about the 27-year-old.

Lily Meola
Lily Meola after getting Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer. (NBC)

1. Lily received Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer.

Lily performed her original song “Daydream” for her audition. Simon Cowell admitted that there’s “something special” about Lily. Heidi Klum was moved to tears and was practically speechless. Heidi gave Lily her Golden Buzzer, which sent her straight to the live shows.

2. Lily’s mother died of cancer.

Lily cared for her mother, Nancy Meola, after she was diagnosed with cancer. Nancy died in June 2020. Lily battled depression after her mother’s death. “I still have bad days, but I’m working through it,” she told Rolling Stone. “Now I’m moving into this next segment of my life where I’m trying to persevere and finish what I started and make my mom proud, from wherever it is she might be.”

3. Lily is from Hawaii.

Lily was raised in Maui, Hawaii. She now lives in California as she pursues a music career.

4. Lily is friends with Willie Nelson’s son.

After losing her mother, Lily began dedicating herself to songwriting and talking about her music with Lukas Nelson, Willie’s son. “He’ll listen to my songs and give me notes,” she said in her Rolling Stone interview. “I’m just so, so grateful for that friendship. He’s my brother.”

Lily Meola
Lily Meola singing during her ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

5. Lily has worked with some of music’s greatest artists.

Willie Nelson asked Lily to be a part of his duet album, To All The Girls…, after he watched her perform. She duets with Willie on “Will You Remember Mine” and has toured with the rocker, according to Wasserman Music. She’s also been taught to write songs by Jackson Browne and teamed up for duets with Steven Tyler, Sammy Hager, and more. Lily released her first EP, Daydream, in March 2022. The EP included 5 songs. She has released other singles such as “Smallest Things,” “Don’t Stop,” and “Got Your Way.”