Why Britney Spears Is ‘Taking Her Time’ With Releasing Elton John Duet: It’s ‘One Of’ Her ‘Best’

Britney Spears and Elton John's new collaboration is just waiting on Britney's 'final approval', a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

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Fans are bursting at the seams with excitement regarding Britney Spears‘ upcoming collaboration with Elton John, but Britney is taking her time with it to make sure she is happy with the final product. “Britney is a huge perfectionist when it comes to her music so until she feels the song is 100% ready, she’s not going to drop it. But everything is prepared to go full steam ahead as soon as she gives her final approval,” a person close to Britney, 40, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. HL confirmed in July that the “Toxic” singer collaborated on a new version of the 75-year-old musician’s 1971 hit “Tiny Dancer”, marking Britney’s return to music after a six-year hiatus.

Britney is not only a “perfectionist”, but she also understands that the world will be paying attention to the first song she drops after finally being a free woman, according to the source. “There is a ton riding on it,” they said. “She wants this to hit it out of the park and everyone that heard the song says it’s amazing so the hope is that she’ll sign off on it ASAP.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears has not released music since her 2016 album, ‘Glory’ (Photo: Corporation/Shutterstock)

Britney has spoken out about the lack of control she had over her career during her 13-year conservatorship several times, so she did not take the task of recording a song with one of her idols lightly. However, another source revealed to HollywoodLife that Britney’s work with Elton was liberating and worked wonders for her confidence. “Britney has had a lot of creative control in the making of this song and that is something that she’s really enjoyed,” they noted. “When she was under her conservatorship, she really didn’t get this because she was not allowed to make decisions for herself. Doing this song with Elton has given her confidence again in her ability to sing and create music.”

“It did take many different versions to create the one that will be the final product, but every song does really,” they continued. “She is just stoked that she’s been able to have her say in each draft of it. She is nervous about its release, but she truly feels this is one of the best songs she has ever recorded, as does her people.”

Previously, another source close to the mother of two revealed that the “Rocket Man” singer had wanted to work with Britney for a long time and waited for the best opportunity to contact her. “For the past several years, Elton has watched closely what Britney has been going through and he feels deeply for her. Elton knows what it is like to come back from being absent in work and how hard of a life it can be to be a superstar sometimes,” they divulged to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

They also noted that Elton was able to provide her the support and comfort she needed to break out of her shell. “She felt like she was rusty when they started recording, but it came back to her naturally and Elton helped to bring out her best and it is possibly the best she has ever sounded,” they shared. With so many positive reports, the Elton and Britney collaboration surely sounds promising!