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Nicki Minaj Demands To Know Who’s Drake’s ‘Girlfriend’ During Intimate Queen Radio Interview

In the new edition of Queen Radio on Amp, Nicki Minaj didn't hold back when she got Drake on the phone. The 'Super Freaky Girl' rapper asked who he was dating – and he responded!

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Nicki Minaj didn’t beat around the bush when talking with Drake on the premiere episode of Queen Radio on AMP, the new live radio app from Amazon. Towards the end of the conversation between Nicki, 39, and her longtime friend, she asked Drake, 35, point blank: “Okay, so — who’s your girlfriend?” Drake, who has been romantically connected to about everyone, didn’t wait long to respond. “I don’t have a girlfriend. You know that already,” said the “Staying Alive” rapper.

“So, you still like the big bootys?” asked Nicki, flirting with her longtime friend. “I mean, you obviously know you shaped my taste in women at this point,” said Drake, which left Nicki slightly gagged. “They’ve got to have a big something, you know that,” added Drake. From there, Nicki tried to get Drake to pick between a “sophisticated, responsible, intelligent” woman and, presumably, a woman with a big booty (as if those traits aren’t mutually exclusive), Drake refused to get captured by such a “compromising question.”

Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Dennis Graham in 2017 (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Drake did share his vibe when it comes to dating. “For me, I think I’ve definitely evolved in the sense of like, it’s less about the chase and the pursuit from the physical perspective,” he said. “It’s more just for me, it’s like – I just don’t want to be drained. I don’t want to be out on a first date and not be stimulated. I’ve kind of found like, new territory in just that I need new things. It’s not just about clapping cheeks.” “But clapping cheeks is okay,” asked Nicki, which Drake said was.

Drake’s new sense of maturity echoed an earlier part of his conversation with Nicki. The Queen Radio on AMP episode aired live right before the drop of Nicki’s new song, “Super Freaky Girl.” While Nicki has released new music since her 2018 album, Queen, this new single seemed to kick off her music comeback – which, she admitted, almost didn’t happen.

Nicki Minaj and Drake hug while performing during Hot 97’s Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium in 2014 ( Donald Traill/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“Drake, do you think you can see yourself not being in this?” she asked her longtime friend. “Cause I definitely have thought about it so many times, especially being a mom, but, it’s so part of my DNA now. Do you think about that?”

“I’m not at that point where I even consider that being an option,” said Drake, who dropped a surprise new album – the dance-inspired Honestly, Nevermind – earlier in the summer. “One of the best feelings I have in my life is completing a song or project. And by the way, those things are painful as well. Obviously. I’m sure you can attest. There’s a lot of pain about creating music, and sharing it.  A lot of nerves, a lot of confidence wavering.”

“But, at the end of the day,” he added, “I feel like I’m reaching a new level of fun. I’ve reached a new level of comfortability where I want to try things. Like this last album, I put out something I wanted to do to challenge myself.”

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