Kristin Cavallari Kisses Shirtless Tyler Cameron In Steamy Video 2 Years After Jay Cutler Split

Remember those sexy photos of Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron kissing on a video set? The full video is now finally here -- and it's hotter than expected!

Things are heating up between Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron, but it’s strictly professional! The former Bachelorette star is Kristin’s leading man in a new video for her Uncommon James jewelry brand. The video, which promoted the new Untamed Collection, features the two meeting outside a western saloon and catching each other’s eyes.

Once inside the bar, they waste no time getting on the dance floor. Eventually, Tyler lifts Kristin up in the air to kiss her, and eventually places her on the bar, where they start full-on making out. The chemistry is real, as the video ends with them getting married and continuing their hookup on a white mattress, with Tyler completely shirtless. Throughout the entire video, Kristin was wearing various new pieces from Uncommon James, which were highlighted with close-ups.

kristin cavallari tyler cameron
Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron filmed their campaign in April 2022. (Shutterstock)

Back in April, fans went wild when photos of Tyler and Kristin kissing went viral online. With Tyler single after his split from Camila Kendra, and Kristin in the dating field following her 2020 divorce from Jay Cutler, buzz about a possible romance between the two didn’t take long to develop. However, it was soon confirmed that the makeout was being filmed for a work project, and now, the full video is here.

The stars definitely seemed to have some fun while filming together, though, as they both shared behind-the-scenes videos from the shoot on their Instagram pages. “Our new Untamed Collection has jewelry your fall look needs, all designed by Kristin Cavallari,” the video’s description says. “Featuring new chains, pearls and hoops that can be effortlessly layered, the collection will have you looking (and feeling) like the baddest, most free version of yourself. Plus, you may even find your own Tyler Cameron while wearing our pieces…you never know.”

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