‘This Is Us’ Recap: The Big Three Reveal What’s Next After Rebecca’s Emotional Funeral

The Big Three said goodbye to their beloved mother in the 'This Is Us' series finale. So, how did it all end? Let's break down the emotional final episode.

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This Is Us
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The final episode of This Is Us begins with Jack and Rebecca waking up in the morning. He points out a scar just above her eye that he’s never noticed before. Rebecca explains that her dad’s watch clocked her in the eye while she was on a swing.

She didn’t care about the scar because she loved that swing and going to the playground with her dad. Over the years, the Pearsons have enjoyed the swing with their kids just like Rebecca did all those years ago.

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore with Milo Ventimiglia on ‘This Is Us.’ (NBC)

During a rainy day, the Pearsons watch home movies together. Kate is entranced by the footage, while Randall and Kevin can’t be bothered. When Kevin storms upstairs, Rebecca goes to talk to him. After he complains about not being able to do any pull-ups during a fitness test, Rebecca tells Kevin that not everything is always going to come easy to him.

“I think you’re going to have to work pretty hard to become the person I know you can become, and it will make the big victories in life that much more special when you have to work a little harder for them,” Rebecca says. Young Kevin replies, “You always know what to say. You’re really good at this kind of stuff.” She is, isn’t she?

Jack’s exceptional at the dad stuff, too. In a precious moment between a father and his sons, Jack teachers Randall and Kevin how to shave.

The Pearsons Come Together For Rebecca’s Funeral

In the wake of Rebecca’s death, Randall is trying to figure out how to possibly eulogize his mother in just a few minutes. Beth takes a moment to check in on Randall, who is about to bury his fourth parent. “I’m centered,” Randall promises.

Sterling K. Brown
Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson. (NBC)

Toby and Kate get the chance to talk before the funeral. “She [Rebecca] was extraordinarily proud of you,” Toby says to Kate. “I am extraordinarily proud of you.” Toby tells Kate that he loves her. Even though their marriage didn’t work out, Toby says he’d go right back to that weight loss support group and get Kate’s attention all over again if he could.

At the funeral, the Big Three stand up to eulogize their beloved mother. Randall is the last one sitting in the chapel when it’s over. After a brief moment to himself, he stands up and walks out with Beth.

Randall’s girls check in on their dad after the service. “It all just feels so pointless,” Randall says. He’s spent his childhood worried about losing his parents, the last decade “terrified” of death, and now his mother is gone. Yet life just continues on. Annie and Tess leave Deja and Randall to talk.

“It’s not pointless, dad,” Deja says. She reminds him that he’s going to be a grandfather. Randall looks back at a moment with William just before they left for Memphis when William talked about the impact of being a grandfather. Deja reveals to Randall that she’s having a boy. “We’d like to name him William,” Deja says as Randall cries.

“Your grandson is going to be named after a man I never met. But I know him because I know you. It’s not pointless,” Deja tells Randall. That’s exactly what Randall needed to hear. Randall celebrates finally no longer being the only man in the family.

The Big Three Reveal What’s Next

Kevin and Kate join Randall on the steps of the cabin. Kevin wonders what they’re going to do next. “We’re going to do what she wanted us to do. We’re going to live fearlessly,” Kate says. They all reveal their plans, including Randall’s possible trip to Iowa for the DNC. (President Pearson, perhaps?)

This is us
The Big Three on ‘This Is Us.’ (NBC)

Kate reveals that she had a nightmare that they’re going to drift apart now that their mother is gone. “We’re not going to drift,” Randall promises. Kevin later says, “If you drifted, we’d drift right after you.”

Randall remembers that Rebecca grabbed his hand hard right at the end. “I wonder what that was,” Randall says. It was Rebecca on the train with Jack.

On the train, Rebecca admits to Jack that she’s scared, but he tells her that she shouldn’t be. Rebecca says she doesn’t want to leave her kids. “It’s hard to explain but you’ll do all those things with them…” Jack tells her. “You’ll be there.” When Rebecca grabbed Randall’s hand, it was her grabbing Jack’s hand on the train. The last scene of the show is of Jack, looking fondly at the three beautiful kids he and Rebecca raised.