‘This Is Us’ Then & Now: See How Much The Kids Have Grown Up Over 6 Seasons

Amidst all the twists and turns of the past 6 seasons of 'This Is Us,' the younger versions of Kevin, Kate, and Randall, as well as Annie, Tess, and Deja, have grown up before our eyes. See the kids then and now.

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Faithe Herman
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This Is Us has kept the same cast since it first premiered in 2016. The show has become known for its use of flashbacks, and fans have gotten to see the younger versions of the Pearson kids face major life events over the past 6 seasons. The This Is Us kid actors have been a key part of the beloved show, and we’ve gotten to see them grow up alongside their characters. We’ll get one last glimpse of them in character during the series finale on May 24.

Young Kevin, Kate, and Randall are now experiencing those pivotal teenage years, while the teen versions of the Big Three has now young adults in their college years. Randall and Beth’s kids — Annie, Tess, and Deja — have been grappling with life in the present day. One thing’s for sure, the This Is Us kids are officially making us all feel old. See the younger stars of NBC’s hit family drama then and now.

Faithe Herman (Young Annie)

Faithe Herman
Faithe Herman then and now. (Mediapunch/Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup for 20th Television/Shutterstock)

Faithe Herman was only 8 years old when she began playing Annie Pearson, the youngest of Randall and Beth’s kids, on This Is Us. Annie has been with her family every step of the way through all the highs and lows of the Pearson family. Faithe is now 14 years old and one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

The young actress will reprise her role as Darla Dudley in the highly anticipated Shazam! sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. She is also set to star in a project titled CAMPFIRE.

Eris Baker (Young Tess)

Eris Baker
Eris Baker then and now. (David Buchan/BEI/Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup for 20th Television/Shutterstock)

Eris Baker, along with her onscreen siblings, have grown up so much since This Is Us started in 2016. Eris has played Randall and Beth’s daughter, Tess, since the show’s first season. Eris was just 10 years old when the show started, and now she’s 16.

The actress posted a heartfelt note after celebrating the show at its season 6 premiere event. “So so so thankful for this once in a lifetime experience. this beautiful cast, and the family that has grown within this show. this is one of our best seasons yet. heres to season 6,” she wrote on Instagram.

Lyric Ross (Young Deja)

Lyric Ross
Lyric Ross then and now. (Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup for 20th Television/Shutterstock)

Lyric Ross joined This Is Us in season 2, and she’s become a part of the family ever since. Lyric was 13 when she began playing the youngster whom Randall and Beth would eventually adopt. The show is in its sixth and final season, and Lyric is now 18.

After This Is Us, Lyric is entering the MCU. She will star in the Disney+ series Ironheart alongside Dominique Thorne. Lyric is also a cast member of the coming-of-age movie The Class.

Parker Bates (Young Kevin)

Parker Bates
Parker Bates in 2017. (Jim Smeal/Shutterstock)

Parker Bates started playing little Kevin Pearson in the very first season. Kevin was just 8 years old when the show flashed back to this particular time period. Parker is now 15 years old.

Time truly does fly! The young versions of the Big Three have just kept growing and growing over the years. The role of Kevin Pearson is also played by Logan Shroyer and Justin Hartley. Parker has appeared in every single season of the show.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak (Young Kate)

Mackenzie Hancsicsak
Mackenzie Hancsicsak in 2017. (Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock)

Like her fellow actors playing young Kevin and Randall, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, now 14, has played young Kate since season 1. Back then, Kate was just 8 years old. Now that we’re in season 6, young Kate is now teen Kate. The older versions of Kate are played by Hannah Zeile and Chrissy Metz.

When season 5 premiered, some fans wondered if Mackenzie was still playing young Kate. “For all the fans who watched last night and were wondering… it’s still me, your one and only 13 year old, Katie Girl,” she captioned an Instagram video of herself growing up over the last 5 years. “Hope you all liked last night’s @nbcthisisus episode. You’ll see more of my brothers @lonniechavis @theparkerbates and me next week, too.”

Mackenzie recently shared a photo from the last This Is Us event that featured her co-stars Parker Bates, Lonnie Chavis, Faithe Herman, and more. “Watching the series finale today with my @nbcthisisus family. It was amazing to see how #danfogelman closes the final chapter with the Pearson family. It was nice seeing everyone and also meeting fans of the show. Hope everyone enjoyed it! Xoxo,” she wrote.

Lonnie Chavis (Young Randall)

Lonnie Chavis
Lonnie Chavis in 2017. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Lonnie Chavis first stole our hearts back in season 1 when he began playing the younger version of Sterling K. Brown and Niles Fitch’s Randall Pearson. Lonnie is now 14 years old and has grown up so much since starting out as 8-year-old Randall.

Lonnie is a young actor on the rise. At just 12, he’s already made such a name for himself. In addition to This Is Us, Lonnie starred alongside Rosario Dawson in the 2020 drama The Water Man. His performance earned him a 2022 NAACP Award nomination for Outstanding Breakthrough Performance in a Motion Picture.

At the final This Is Us event, Lonnie posed alongside his TV dad Milo Ventimiglia. “It’s been a wild ride, thank you Dan Fogelman and thank everybody else y’all watched me grow up with this man,” Lonnie wrote on Instagram.

Logan Shroyer (Teen Kevin)

Logan Shroyer
Logan Shroyer then and now. (NBC/Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock)

When Logan first started out on This Is Us as teen Kevin, he was just 17 years old. He was playing 14-year-old Kevin and still looked the part even though he was a few years older. Like Kevin, the now 23-year-old has evolved into one of the most talented young actors in Hollywood. Now that the show has reached season 5, Logan’s version of Kevin is 19 years old. Pretty soon, Logan’s onscreen alter ego will catch up to him in age!

Throughout his This Is Us run, Logan has starred in the music video for Juice WRLD’s “Cigarettes” alongside Angus Cloud and starred in the TV movie The Waltons: Homecoming. He will return as John Boy in The Waltons’ Thanksgiving.

Hannah Zeile (Teen Kate)

Hannah Zeile
Hannah Zeile in 2017. (Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Hannah Zeile, now 24, made her debut as teen Kate in the seventh episode of the first season. Teen Kate, Kevin, and Randall were just 14 years old when they first appeared on the show. The This Is Us teens are moving out of their teen years, which means they are nearing full-on adulthood. Time flies, right?

Over the past 6 seasons, Hannah has revealed her incredible range of talent as teen Kate — from dramatic scenes to showing off her amazing voice. Hannah released her first single back in April 2020 titled “Ode To My Anxiety.” She released a second single titled “Alone” in 2021.

After she wrapped her final scene as teen Kate, Hannah wrote a long message on Instagram. “I’m not able to write a caption that fully describes how eternally grateful i am for this show, every person involved, and every person who has watched the past 6 years. nothing short of a blessing that truly changed my life! although it’s come to an end, i will carry the memories and impact with me forever. i’ll miss you Kate Pearson,” she captioned a photo that also included her fellow teen co-stars.

Niles Fitch (Teen Randall)

Niles Fitch
Niles Fitch then and now. (NBC)

Niles Fitch has aged right alongside teen Randall on This Is Us. Niles, now 20, has done an incredible job of being the bridge to Sterling’s adult version of Randall. He was excellent in his portrayal of Randall in the immediate aftermath of Jack’s death.

Niles made history as Disney’s first Black live-action prince in the Disney+ film The Secret Society of Second Born Royals. He also starred in the 2021 critically-acclaimed film The Fallout. His next role is the film We Have A Ghost.