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Elizabeth Hurley, 56, Shares Her Simple Advice For Achieving Ageless Beauty & A Rockin’ Bikini Body

How does Elizabeth Hurley look like so fresh-faced & fit all the time? The 56-year-old Brit shared her advice for women to be super confident at any age!

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There’s no denying that Elizabeth Hurley, 56, looks better than ever, and she knows it, too! The Royals star is always keeping her fans inspired by posting her enviable bikini pics on Instagram and looking incredible in her own line of swimwear. HollywoodLife.com caught up with the actress a she returned to the US for the first time since the pandemic to host the Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘s annual Hot Pink Party! Elizabeth, who has hosted the event virtually the last two years, opened up to HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview about her tried and true tips and tricks to maintaining a youthful complexion and toned body!

Elizabeth Hurley stuns in a sequin pink Naeem Khan gown at the BCRF Hot Pink Party on May 10th in NYC. (Getty Images)

“From a beauty point of view, I would say moisturize a lot!” the Austin Powers star advised. “Moisturizer, eye creams, hand creams, body cream. Our skin gets drier as we get older, and it’s very important to stay hydrated on the outside.” She added that it’s just as important to stay hydrated “on the inside,” as well!

“You have to drink a lot of water and probably, don’t really, drink much alcohol. I’ve virtually given it up completely. I may have one sip tonight because one of our big benefactors owns fantastic winery, actually in several, in British Columbia, so I may have a sip! But I don’t really drink much alcohol,” Elizabeth revealed.

Her final tip was one that you can do right now — “Get fresh air!” she said. “I think fresh air is one of the most important things you can do at any age.”

Elizabeth also opened up about her strong relationship with her gorgeous son, Damian Hurley, who appears to be following in her Hollywood stardom footsteps! “Well, he’s just made his first short movie, and he loves my business! He’s only 20, of course for me, he’s my baby, but he’s actually a grown up,” she gushed. “It was actually great, I think, for parents to have their kids at home for an extra two years. The kids might not have liked it, but the parents did! So, I really appreciated that time with him.”

Elizabeth Hurley hosts the BCRF Hot Pink Party on May 10th in NYC. (Getty Images)

The Hot Pink Party attendees went on to raise a record-breaking $8.5 million for breast cancer research during the May 10th event at The Glasshouse in NYC. The funds will go directly to support BCRF’s global legion of 250 scientists pursuing high-impact, lifesaving breast cancer research. “Being here in person tonight, to be able to reconnect with the unbelievably generous people out in that room, who give year after year after year to this cause, is really a very wonderful thing,” Elizabeth told HL. “To me, breast cancer is something that has to end. It’s time to end breast cancer and the more money we raise for research will really get us to that finish post faster.”