How Taylor Swift Feels About Watching Boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s Sex Scenes In New Hulu Show

Joe Alwyn shared the tidbit in a promotional interview for his new show 'Conversations with Friends.'

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Joe Alwyn has made a rare comment about his relationship with Taylor Swift! While promoting his new Hulu show Conversations with Friends, the 30-year-old actor revealed exactly what his girlfriend of several years thinks of his sex scenes with co-star Alison Oliver, 23. “I mean, she’s read the book and she loves the book, so she knows it,” the blue-eyed, blonde-haired Brit told Extra on May 9. He added that his 31-year-old Grammy-winning girlfriend “couldn’t be a bigger fan of the project.” In the series, Joe plays a married man named Nick who has an affair with a college student played by Alison.

Meanwhile, Alison dished on the inside scoop about how the two prepared for the super intimate scenes. “You go through like a lot of rehearsal and kind of in-depth conversations about the intimate scenes and kind of what story we’re trying to tell,” she explained. “Hopefully, each intimate scene feels different or there’s some kind of progression in their relationship.”

Joe Alwyn Conversations with Friends
Joe Alwyn (left) and Alison Oliver (right) film intimate scenes in ‘Conversations with Friends’ (Photo: HULU)

The comment on his relationship is a rare one from Joe, as he and Taylor are notoriously private. In fact, he revealed that he and Taylor hope their privacy turns people off from asking about their relationship – although it doesn’t seem to be working. “I think because the precedent was set – that our choice is to be private and not feed that side of things – the more you do that, hopefully, the more that intrusiveness or intrigue drops off,” he explained to GQ in an interview that dropped on May 9.

Despite their quest for privacy, which Taylor admits is nearly impossible for her and anyone she dates in her 2020 song titled “peace,” their fans can’t help but cheer when they get a glimpse of the two together or an update on their relationship. And even though the pair have not been spotted together in quite some time, Taylor’s very loyal fans can’t help but think they are secretly engaged. Unsurprisingly, Joe played coy when asked about the theory. “If I had a pound for every time I think I’ve been told I’ve been engaged, then I’d have a lot of pound coins,” he said in an April 20 conversation with WSJ. Magazine. “I mean, the truth is, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say, and if the answer was no, I wouldn’t say,” he added.

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn pictured at the 2019 BAFTAs after party (Photo: Taylor: Blitz Pictures/Shutterstock)

It seems that Joe’s promotion of Conversations with Friends has only given reporters a new way to ask about his life with Taylor, but he does not seem to be giving in. However, Taylor is a singer who promotes honesty with her fans, so it is not likely that she would keep them in the shadow about her love life forever. Only time will tell!