Ireland Baldwin Reveals Her Ex Wanted To Have Sex With Her Mom Kim Basinger

Ireland Baldwin claimed one of her exes said they wanted to 'f--k' her mom, Kim Basinger and that Ireland wasn't 'as beautiful' as the actress.

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Ireland Baldwin, Kim Basinger
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Ireland Baldwin claimed in a recent TikTok that one of her exes said she would “never be as beautiful” as her mother, Kim Basinger, and that they “always wanted to f–k” the L.A. Confidential actress.

The confession was in response to a recent trend on the social media platform where users are prompted to respond to the question, “What is the one thing your ex said to you that you will never forget?” Ireland, who is the daughter of Kim and actor Alec Baldwin, listed several alleged hurtful remarks, like “Are you really going to eat all that?” and “I’m just not really attracted to you like that.”


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Although Ireland never named names, she ran off a few other alleged comments from an ex or exes that were verbally abusive/troubling, like, “When I get home I’m going to smash your face against the wall,” and “If you break up with me, I’m going to post these videos of you.”

The 26-year-old then claimed that the past partner(s) used her status as the daughter of two famous actors to try and get ahead. “Do you think you can get me a modeling contract?,” she claimed an ex asked, while adding, “Do you think your dad will help me get into NYU?” and “Do you think your dad would get me an audition for SNL?”

She captioned the video with the disclaimer to note that “not all exes were terrible.” She also encouraged followers to “like” the video to get a part two.

Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin
Kim Basinger & daughter Ireland Baldwin (Courtesy of Facebook).

This wasn’t the first time Ireland has been open and vulnerable on social media. On Feb. 9, she put her own spin on the “That’s Not My Name” trend, where famous actors share the different names of characters they’ve played to the tune of the Ting Tings’ 2008 song of the same name. Ireland’s take on the trend had her revealing the insults she’s dealt with in the past, including the phrase “thoughtless little pig,” which her father called her in an infamous voicemail leaked in April 2007 when Ireland was only 11 years old.