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‘Summer House’s Andrea Denver Reveals Why He Didn’t Join ‘Winter House,’ Talks Paige & Craig Drama

Andrea Denver explains why he's taking time away from our Bravo screens and details a new girlfriend after the Paige DeSorbo & Craig Conover love triangle.

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Andrea Denver
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Andrea Denver is skipping out on Winter House season two, and it’s for a very good reason. “I preferred to make some time for myself,” he said during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, also noting his new relationship with a very special someone as a reason for spending time off screen. “I wanted to prioritize her over everything. I wanted to give her my full attention,” he stated.

The Summer House star was notably connected to Paige DeSorbo during last season of Winter House, but things sort of unraveled once the summer rolled around and Paige saw things heating up with their other co-star, Southern Charm‘s Craig Conover. “I wanted to take it slow. But at the same time, when we got back from Vermont, she kind of ghosted me. So I was kind of like … not burned, but I didn’t really want to go full-on. That’s why I was always flirting and trying my best but I didn’t want to put too much pressure because she was in this weird situation. Also Craig and I, we were friends, so it was a tough situation.”

Craig Conover, Paige DeSorbo
Craig Conover & Paige DeSorbo (Jonathan Leibson/Polk Imaging/Shutterstock).

He continued, “If she was leaning towards Craig, you know, I’m happy for her. I’ve always been supportive, I want her happiness. If her happiness was with Craig, I’m happy that it went that way. I wished at first things could have been handled better, but they didn’t want to have a title. They were saying ‘We’re casually dating.’ She was exploring things with Craig so … no hard feelings, nothing bad.”

All in all, Andrea noted the experience as “a lesson for everyone” and recognized his gratitude in knowing she was “probably not the right person” for him in the end. “There was someone else out there that was my soulmate or whatever you want to call it,” he shared. “I think all of this was necessary for me to grow; to grow, to mature. It’s better for me to focus on someone I really have feelings for. I learned the hard way.”

Andrea Denver
Andrea Denver (Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock).

Speaking of someone he really has feelings for, Andrea and his girlfriend — a person he’d already known — are going “great.” She may be the one with whom he settles down!

“I just took her [to Italy] like three months ago right when we started [dating],” he shared. “We reconnected the last few days in November and I kind of rushed it, but after three weeks I was like, ‘What do you think about spending Christmas in Italy with my family?’ And she loved it,” he gushed. “I’ve been very happy. Step-by-step, of course, you always gotta be step-by-step, but everything so far has been great.”

As for the idea of him returning to our Bravo screens, Andrea said he’d consider coming back on for Summer House should the opportunity arise. “I honestly would love to live the summer a different way. I would love to bring my girlfriend along with me,” he stated. “I think it would be fun to be there all together so I’m more than happy to go back to the Hamptons!”