‘Southern Charm’ Original Cast: Where Are They Now? Cam Wimberly, Thomas Ravenel & More

'Southern Charm' premiered in 2014 and became a massive hit for Bravo. The show just wrapped up season 7. The cast has changed a lot over the years. Find out what the OG cast members are up to these days.

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Cameran Wimberly
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Bravo

Every time you hear the Southern Charm theme song, you know it’s about to go down. Southern Charm premiered in March 2014 and everyone turned all their attention to Charleston. Fans became instantly addicted to this cast and all their drama.

Over the years, Southern Charm has had plenty of jaw-dropping moments and scandals. Many of the original cast members have exited the series for a multitude of reasons, but the show is still going with many core stars still a part of it all. Take a look back at the original cast and see where they are now.

Cameran Wimberly

Cameran Wimberly
Cameran Wimberly then and now. (Shutterstock/Bravo)

Cameran Wimberly, 37, was one of the OGs of Southern Charm. Amidst all the drama, Cam stayed fairly neutral through it all. She was a sounding board for Shep Rose, Craig Conover, and more through their romantic woes. Cameran married anesthesiologist Jason Wimberly in 2014. Their daughter, Palmer, was born in November 2017.

Cameran shocked fans when she revealed in May 2020 that she would not be returning for season 7. She announced she wasn’t coming back in the comments section of a throwback photo she posted. She later released a lengthy statement addressing her exit and denied the allegations made by AllAboutTheTea.com that Jason had been having an affair behind Cameran’s back.

“My decision was made and given to Bravo months ago and had absolutely nothing to do with ridiculous and fake rumors about my marriage,” she said. “Please disregard any fabricated rumor. It’s a ploy for ratings and that’s it.”

Since then, Cameran and Jason have been hunkering down at their home in South Carolina with Palmer during the pandemic. Cameran also released her first book, One Day You’ll Thank Me, in Feb. 2021.

Shep Rose

Shep Rose
Shep Rose then and now. (Bravo)

Shep Rose, 41, has been with Southern Charm from the very beginning. Charleston’s ultimate carefree bachelor is still pretty much the same guy he was back when the show started in 2014. Shep did try and find everlasting love in the spinoff series Relationshep in 2018.

He recently returned for Southern Charm’s seventh season. He now has a girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green. They went Instagram official in May 2020. During the season 7 reunion special, Shep admitted to kissing another woman. “I kissed a girl in a stairwell and that’s all it was,” Shep said. “It was an old flame and we were texting … and nothing ever came of it… It was a moment of weakness. I was drinking, but that’s all it was and I’ll go to my grave knowing that that’s true.”

Shep’s next move? A book! His first book, Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar, will be released in March 2021.

Thomas Ravenel

Thomas Ravenel
Thomas Ravenel then and now. (Shutterstock/Bravo)

Thomas Ravenel, 58, was an original cast member back in 2014. Thomas comes from one of Charleston’s most well-known families. His love life quickly became a central storyline on Southern Charm. Thomas and Kathryn Dennis got together during season 1 of Southern Charm. Their daughter, Kensie, was born in March 2014. Thomas and Kathryn broke up but reunited and conceived son, Saint, who was born in 2015.

Thomas began dating registered nurse Ashley Jacobs, but they split in 2018 after a year of dating. The former politician got wrapped up in a custody battle with Kathryn for years. They eventually settled on joint legal and physical custody of their two children in November 2019.

In 2018, Thomas was accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a woman named Debbie Holloway Perkins in 2015 after meeting her on Tinder. A former nanny of Thomas’ also accused the Southern Charm star of sexual assault in 2018. Thomas was arrested in September 2018 and charged with assault and battery in the second degree

He later pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and battery, according to PEOPLE. He paid a $500 fine and didn’t serve jail time. He reached a settlement with the nanny, paid her legal fees, and donated $80,000 to a local nonprofit for sexual assault survivors.

Thomas was not present for the Southern Charm season 5 reunion and was let go from the show. He welcomed a third child, Jonathan, in June 2020 with ex-girlfriend Heather Mascoe.

Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn Dennis
Kathryn Dennis during the season 7 reunion. (Bravo)

Kathryn Dennis, 29, made quite the entrance when she first appeared on Southern Charm in the first season. She was the girl all the guys had their eyes on. She ended up dating Thomas and gave birth to daughter Kensie in 2014. Their relationship was turbulent from the beginning. Their son, Saint, was born in 2015.

After Southern Charm season 3, Kathryn went to rehab for substance abuse. She also lost custody of Kensie and Saint in 2016. Kathryn got back on her feet and fought to get custody of her kids back. After a lengthy (and sometimes nasty) custody battle, Kathryn and Thomas now share custody of Kensie and Saint.

Kathryn returned for Southern Charm season 7. She also went public with her new boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, in 2020. Their relationship is serious, and she’s even thought about having more kids after a pregnancy scare. “I really do want more kids, and my family isn’t done being built,” she told PEOPLE. “That experience definitely made me realize that one day I do want that with him. I really mean it when I say that, too.”

Craig Conover

Craig Conover
Craig Conover then and now. (Bravo)

Craig Conover, 32, is not a native Charlestonian, but he’s become one of Southern Charm’s most beloved cast members. When the show began, Craig was pursuing a law career. He received a degree in finance from the College of Charleston and later earned his law degree from the Charleston School of Law. He passed the South Carolina bar exam in 2017.

However, his career path has changed. He decided to pursue his passion for sewing. He launched Sewing Down South, his sewing and lifestyle brand, in 2018. Craig’s making his pillows, and we love him for it.

When it comes to romance, Craig dated Naomie Olindo from 2015 to 2018. He is now dating Natalie Hegnauer. Craig returned for Southern Charm season 7.

Whitney Sudler-Smith

Whitney Sudler-Smith
Whitney Sudler-Smith then and now. (Bravo/MEGA)

Whitney Sudler-Smith, 52, has been an integral aspect of Southern Charm both in front of the camera and behind it. He is the co-creator of Southern Charm, as well as an executive producer. He was a series regular in the first 3 seasons and notably had a brief dalliance with Kathryn in season 1.

Since season 4, he has just appeared as a “friend” on the show. His mother, Patricia Altschul, has taken a more prominent role in the later seasons. Whitney also executive produced the spinoffs set in Savannah and New Orleans.

Jenna King

Jenna King
Jenna King in season 1. (Bravo)

Jenna King was a series regular in season 1 of Southern Charm. She left Charleston for Los Angeles. Cameran gave an update on Jenna back in 2019.

“Jenna is great. I knew Jenna long before the show started and we do keep in touch,” Cameran told The Daily Dish. “She lives in L.A., but she comes back to South Carolina. Her mom still lives in South Carolina. But, yeah, she’s awesome… She has been in L.A. several years.”