‘Summer House’ Preview: Paige Admits Ending Andrea Fling Had ‘Nothing To Do’ With Craig Romance

In an EXCLUSIVE preview at tonight's episode of 'Summer House,' Paige DeSorbo & Andrea Denver have an intimate heart to heart in bed!

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Summer House returns tonight, January 24th, with another episode that’s sure to be filled with fireworks — it is the Fourth of July, after all! In an EXCLUSIVE preview for the upcoming ep, Paige DeSorbo and Andrea Denver confront the awkwardness surrounding their fling from Winter House that eventually fizzled when they returned to NYC. In the intimate clip, the two lay face-to-face in bed and have a real exchange about why Paige didn’t continue the relationship, and it turns out it didn’t have to do with her romance with Craig Conover! Watch it below!

“I want to tell you,” Paige began. “When I met Craig, it was like three years ago and I had a boyfriend, and then when we were in the [Winter] house, he had a girlfriend. So then, when we got out, and he broke up with his girlfriend, we kind of started talking and it just made sense.”

Paige continued, “It was nothing to do with you. Like, I didn’t stop talking to you because of him, it had nothing to do with that.” Andrea accepted her explanation, and added that he was “more sad that Craig didn’t talk” to him first. Recall, in the premiere episode of season 6 of Summer House, Paige admitted that she and Andrea hadn’t talked much since she told him she didn’t want to be exclusive. “I walk into the house two days ago and I was scared to walk in and look at you. I don’t know, I haven’t talked to you in three months. I was just like, ‘What is it going to be like seeing Paige?'” the Italian model revealed.”Then I saw you and it brought me back to those Vermont days. Good stuff…”

Paige & Andrea at the Fourth of July party. (Bravo)

The conversation then turned light between the former flames, with Paige giggling, “You can’t be mad at this face!” Andrea replied, “I couldn’t! Remember, you’re the tiniest person I’ve ever slept with!” Then, the intimate details began to emerge when Paige revealed when she and Andrea were “mid-sex” he told her, “You’re the smallest person I’ve ever had sex with!” Oh boy…

While there definitely seems to be some unfinished business between Paige and Andrea, the 29-year-old’s relationship with Craig appears to progress throughout the summer. Recall, in the trailer for the season, Andrea cries and says it “kills” him to see Paige with someone else because he had “real feelings” for her. Be sure to tune in to Summer House on Mondays at 9 PM ET on Bravo to see it all unfold!