Alexis Stone Looks Unrecognizable As Mrs. Doubtfire At Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week Show

Mrs. Doubtfire graced Paris Fashion Week with her presence! Alexis Stone pulled off a fabulous recreation of the nanny with a floral Balenciaga dress for their fashion show.

Alexis Stone
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Image Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

Alexis Stone proved that nanny chic may be the next style trend! Alexis, also known by the name Elliot Joseph Rentz, pulled off an impressive drag queen version of Mrs. Doubtfire from the Robin Williams film at Paris Fashion Week. In a dream team collaboration, Mrs. Doubtfire was styled in Balenciaga and made a brief cameo during their Fall/Winter 2022/2023 fashion show. For some reference, see the pic below for what Alexis looks like pre-Doubtfire.

Alexis Stone
Alexis Stone on the red carpet. (Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

While Alexis made it look effortless, the Mrs. Doubtfire drag look was no simple feat. The look required extensive facial prosthetics, makeup, a bodysuit and a wig. Mrs. Doubtfire made a true fashion statement with her floral Balenciaga dress, transparent glasses, small black clutch and some fabulous leather boots. The look was truly a complete transformation for Alexis and it turns out the Balenciaga fan wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Nothing screams Mrs. Doubtfire more than Balenciaga florals and we had it with a really iconic pair of chrome silver boots,” Alexis told Paper Magazine. “In [creative director] Demna’s own words, Doubtfire and Balenciaga need no further explanation. Simply iconic.” Not only did Alexis show off the iconic look at Paris Fashion Week but she also gave her fans a glance at the transformation on her Instagram. She uploaded a witty video of her getting off a phone call and declaring, “Reviews are in Kim [Kardashian]. I’m hot, you’re not.”

“don’t shoot the messenger,” she jokingly captioned the pic. Her look was a big hit among fans. Even American Idol’s Katy Perry left some praise in the comments section, writing, “honestly, this is how you play it babes.” This isn’t the first time Alexis has pulled off the elaborate Mrs. Doubtfire look and hopefully, it won’t be the last! She donned the fabulous look for a documentary that was done in collaboration with Balenciaga titled 27.

“During the first lockdown here in England, Balenciaga had reached out in regards to working together on something else,” she told Paper Magazine in September. “COVID-19 complicated working schedules as it has for everyone around the world. Mrs. Doubtfire was put together during this frustrating period by myself and my team, and Demna kindly agreed to give me access to whatever was needed to bring my vision to life. It is, of course, one of those ‘pinch me’ moments when you are sent crates-worth of iconic, historic archive pieces with an archive handler.”

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