‘Women Tell All’: Shanae Accuses Genevieve Of Hooking Up With Aaron From ‘The Bachelorette’

All eyes were on Shanae Ankney during 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' on March 7, and she didn't do herself many favors as she continued to defend her behavior on the show this season.

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Image Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Shanae Ankney was in the hot seat for The Bachelor’s reunion special, Women Tell All, which aired March 7 on ABC. From the very beginning of the episode, it was clear that the other women were ready for the opportunity to tell off Shanae. She and Sierra Jackson immediately got in a screaming match, with Sierra calling Shanae fake and slamming her for fake crying/apologizing on the show.

“Shanae, being around you is a lose-lose situation,” Lyndsey Windham admitted. “We could be polite to you and if we were polite and nice, we were two-faced b***hes. But if I distanced myself from you, then we were bullies. Watching it all back, I realize now that you’re the bully. From the bottom of my heart, f*** you, Shanae.”

shanae ankney
Shanae in the hot seat on ‘Women Tell All.’ (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Jesse Palmer then pulled Shanae into the actual hot seat to get a chance to explain herself. First, Shanae addressed her drama with Elizabeth Corrigan. “Elizabeth and I were friends on day one,” Shanae claimed. “Day two it was night and day with our ‘friendship.’ It went downhill from there. She was toxic. She’d ignore me, she wouldn’t acknowledge me. If you wanna be all those things, that’s fine, but don’t call me your friend and then lie about it.”

Elizabeth was confused about why Shanae thought they were such good friends after knowing each other for one day. She claimed that she and Shanae only had one conversation on day one, and there wasn’t a level of “intimacy” like Shanae had made it seem. Lyndsey questioned why Shanae was so hurt over Elizabeth not acting like her “friend” if she “didn’t come to the house to make friends” to begin with. Shanae continued to stand by her accusations that Elizabeth was “two-faced” and a “liar.”
Next, the women called Shanae out for lying to both them AND Clayton Echard when she fake apologized after crashing a group date in Houston. “Clayton said, ‘Do you want to apologize?’ and to his face, you said yes. So there’s a lie,” Sierra ranted. “So you lie to Clayton, and then you come out to apologize, and you lied to us. Then you went back to Clayton and told him you were happy you apologized because you think it’s gonna be good now. So you lied to him again. So you’re a liar.”
shanae ankney jesse palmer
Shanae Ankney and Jesse Palmer on ‘Women Tell All.’ (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Jesse then brought Genevieve Parisi to the hot seat with Shanae so they could discuss their two-on-one date. Genevieve was pissed that Shanae accused her of being an “actress” on the date, but then bragged in confessionals about how she was the one acting to win over Clayton. Both ladies were eventually eliminated in back-to-back episodes, and Shanae called Genevieve out for how she handled the breakup.

“After I got eliminated, I went home and I was grieving,” Shanae claimed. “I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, lost weight. Then you get eliminated and you go home and f*** Aaron [Clancy] from Katie [Thurston]’s season [of The Bachelorette].”

Genevieve denied the claims. She insisted that she only met Aaron at a bar and never hooked up with him. Shanae continued to insist that even hanging out with Bachelor Nation after being eliminated must be proof that Genevieve never really cared about Clayton to begin with. “If you’re so into someone, but you’re not going home to focus on yourself and do your own thing, you’re hanging with Bachelor Nation?” Shanae asked. “Why would you do that? that’s a red flag to me.” Then, Genevieve accused Shanae of sliding into Aaron’s DMs herself, which Shanae denied (although she did admit to “liking” his posts and Stories). 
the bachleor season 26
The ladies from season 26 of ‘The Bachelor’ on ‘Women Tell All.’ (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

In the end, Shanae refused to apologize for any of her actions, which was mind-blowing to the other women. Genevieve got the last word. “I’m honestly just very glad that America got to see everything that you are,” Genevieve said. “You have manipulated every person here, including Clayton, and everyone sees that. The fact that you’re gonna sit here and act like you did nothing wrong is sad and show