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‘The Bachelor’: Clayton Finally Sends Shanae Home After 2-On-1 Date

After weeks of causing chaos and drama on 'The Bachelor,' Shanae Ankney had to say goodbye to Clayton Echard during the Feb. 14 episode when he eliminated her on a 2-on-1 date.

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The Feb. 14 episode of The Bachelor picked up amidst Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney’s two-on-one date with Clayton Echard. The trio hit up Niagara Falls for the awkward outing and Shanae was absolutely certain that she would be the one to leave the date with a rose. In the end, though, Clayton finally decided to send her home after weeks of drama and warnings from the other women.

The date began with Clayton pulling Genevieve aside. She got emotional as she opened up about how hard it is for her to be open and vulnerable, but she assured Clayton that she was opening up more than ever before with him. Meanwhile, Shanae was coming up with a plan of her own to win Clayton over. “I’m not worried,” she said. “I do have a plan and I got this.”

shanae ankney
Shanae Ankney during a group date on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

During her alone time with Clayton, Shanae threw Genevieve under the bus with more lies and exaggerations, just like she did with Elizabeth Corrigan earlier this season. “It’s hard to trust her,” Shanae claimed. “I’m still going to be nice to her and respect her, but the trust is not there at all.” Shanae claimed that she overheard Genevieve saying she wanted to pack her bags and leave the show the night before, and told Clayton she was confused about the apparent mixed signals.

“She says one thing and then does the other,” Shanae alleged. “It’s confusing and awkward and to me, it’s just two-faced and a red flag. I wanna find my person as much as you wanna find your person so to have someone giving those red flags and being fake and dishonest and giving an actress vibe, I don’t want them here.”

Shanae then turned on fake tears to try and win Clayton over. “It’s sad because I feel something with you. I feel the butterflies all the time and to fall in love you have to be open and vulnerable and thats something I struggle with,” she cried. “Being single for five years, being in three long-term relationships that I’ve been f***ed over in. I’ve never been in love. I’m 29 years old and it’s sad.” In a confessional, she admitted that the tears were totally fake.

shanae ankney
Shanae Ankney meeting Clayton on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

After her conversation with Clayton, Shanae was fully convinced and confident that she would be getting the rose. “It went so good, I’m feeling on cloud nine again,” she gushed. “I feel confident, I feel secure. I already imagine fantasy suites, literally. Genevieve, I’m sorry, but our journey’s over.”

Clayton flat-out asked Geneieve if she was an “actress” and “lying” like Shanae claimed. She was completely caught off-guard. “I was not expecting that,” she admitted. “I’m not…no. I’m not an actress. I’m not seeking anything. I think I’ve been as open as I can be and as honest as I can me. Honestly, that really shocked me.”

Clayton stepped away for a minute, and Shanae told Genevieve that she told Clayton about what she overheard. Genevieve had clearly had enough, clapping back, “I think YOU’RE an actress. And I’m honestly not engaging in this. That’s absolutely f***ing insane.”

Finally, Clayton revealed his decision. “I want to reiterate that I appreciate both conversations I had today,” he said. “That being said, the rose today is going to somebody who helped me see the truth in all this. So Shanae, I am so sorry but I cannot find it in my heart to give you this rose.” Needless to say, Shanae did not take it well. “I’m 100 percent shocked,” she ranted. “What the f*** just happened? He chose an actress over me. Weird. Like, f*** that guy. I’m pissed. Literally blindsided. What does he see in her? it’s sickening. It’s disgusting. You open up and be true and vulnerable and this is what you get? I hate Clayton.”

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the other women were celebrating when they found out that it was Shanae who was sent home. Now, 11 women remain hoping to end up with Clayton.