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Amanda Bynes’ Parents ‘Supportive’ Of Ending Her Conservatorship: It’s Her Decision

Amanda Bynes filed court documents to end her years-long conservatorship on Feb. 23 and her parents, Lynn and Rick, 'are proud of how far she's come.'

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Amanda Bynes, 35, is getting support from her parents after making headlines for filing to end her conservatorship last week. The actress is reportedly seeking to dissolve both the conservatorship of her person and estate, which has been run by her mother Lynn since 2013, and it looks like the process will be a smooth one if she gets what she wants.

Amanda‘s parents, which also includes her father Rick, are so supportive of their daughter and all they ever wanted was for her to be happy and healthy,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They are so proud of how far she’s come and they completely back her decision to end the conservatorship.”

Amanda Bynes, Lynn Bynes
Amanda Bynes with her mom Lynn Bynes. (Shutterstock)

“Initially, Amanda wasn’t planning on filing to end her conservatorship,” the source continued. “She just wanted some changes which allowed her more freedoms. But over the past few months Amanda feels like she no longer needs to be under a conservatorship. She feels much better and doesn’t think there needs to be one put in place.”

Per California law, Amanda also submitted a capacity declaration, which includes records of her mental state from a physician, psychologist or religious healing practitioner. Her court date is set for March 22 and her lawyer David A. Esquibias told People, “Amanda wishes to terminate her conservatorship. She believes her condition is improved and protection of the court is no longer necessary.”

Amanda Bynes, Lynn Bynes, Jill Bynes
Amanda Bynes with her mother Lynn Bynes and sister Jillian Bynes. (Shutterstock)

Our insider also added that “Amanda and her team, including her parents, physician, attorney and other professionals, determined she is prepared to live free of the protection of the court.”

News of Amanda filing to end her conservatorship leads some fans comparing her case to that of Britney Spears. The pop singer also had a years-long conservatorship, in which her father Jamie was in charge of her estate, that just ended last year and has been living her life as a “free” woman since the judge granted her request. It’s unclear whether or not Amanda and Britney have been in contact due to their similar situations, but Amanda’s conservatorship is not as strict as Britney’s was.

The former Nickelodeon star was first placed under conservatorship in 2013 after she suffered from substance abuse and mental health issues, including bipolar disorder and depression. She is still in charge of her finances but not her medical and personal affairs. In September 2020, she was ordered into a psychiatric facility for her mental health and a year later, a judge ruled to extend her conservatorship until 2023.