Brooke Burke Reflects On Turning 50 & Reveals How She ‘Stays Motivated’ To Workout & Be Healthy

Brooke Burke looks and feels better than ever at 50 years old! The fitness icon spoke to HL about how she continues to treat herself with 'love & compassion' as she ages.

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Brooke Burke is living her best life and aging like a fine wine! The Brooke Burke Body founder, who recently turned 50, opened up on the HollywoodLife Podcast about having “compassion and love and grace” for herself as she ages. “I think it’s human. I think it’s real. I think this inner dialogue is really affecting us. I turned 50 this year, I could focus on everything that no one else is even noticing. It’s just how we are as women,” she told HL, “It’s really important that we’re kind to ourselves and that we treat ourselves with compassion and love and grace. Easier said than done, but hopefully if we make it a practice, the way that we talk to ourselves.”

Brooke continued, “People think it’s going to be easy to be positive. It’s not, you have to work at it. You have to focus on things that you love, focus on your strengths, and give yourself some grace.” The fitness guru advises women to workout to “shift you out of your funk” and “get you into a better space.” “Dopamine, adrenaline, vitamin D, going outside — all these things, what we put in our body, how we treat our body, how we talk to ourselves. I promise you, your head is listening. Your body is listening to everything that your head is saying and believing it.”

Brooke Burke. (Spread Pictures / BACKGRID)

When it comes to staying motivated workout and live a healthy lifestyle, Brooke passed on some great tips that she uses herself. “Have a buddy system! Commit with a friend! I have done workouts at home with my girlfriend at home in another city, and we get goofy, we push each other to workout. It really makes it fun,” she gushed. Another option the mom of four recommended is to “set your goals in the morning and then knock them out.” “Take five minutes in the morning just to get your head in the game,” she dished. “I think that really helps. Fitness is is not an isolated journey, right? I say that a lot. But it really helps to have somebody or something to hold you accountable.”

Brooke also finds motivation in music and shares her playlists for multiple moods and vibes on her Brooke Burke Body app. “I have music on all the time, whether I’m working out, having dinner, even sleeping music. I just am really affected by that!” she said. She also revealed that new workout programs are “continuously” coming out to “keep everyone engaged.” “There’s an attention span to fitness,” she explained. “If you get bored, you’re done.”

On top of all of her incredible aging and healthy lifestyle tips, Brooke discussed one of her favorite products — a supplement called Tru Niagen. “Basically, it’s a supplement for your cells, I’ve been taking it for five years, and it’s really about cellular repair, cellular metabolism, longevity. It’s an anti aging supplement, if you will,” she told HL. “It helps increase your own NAD levels. NAD is something that we’re born with, and when you’re 40, you make half of it, and when you’re 50, half of that and on, and on. So, it helps your body increase those level.” NAD is derived from Nicotinamide Riboside and your NAD levels help determine the speed of aging process. As a result, people with high NAD levels tend to have better physical activity, cognitive function and potential for cell repair and regeneration. Tru Niagen is currently available for purchase on Amazon.