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Brooke Burke Gives Her Tips To Help Tone Up Your ‘Mummy Tummy’ From Home & Motivate Yourself To Get Fit

Queen of fitness Brooke Burke got ahead of the at-home workout craze right at the start of quarantine. Now, speaking on the HL Podcast, the Skechers spokeswoman gives her tips to tone up your stomach & slim down for summer!

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Brooke Burke has been in fitness for years and when the pandemic hit the US last year, she quickly pivoted to bring a virtual audience into her home and provided them with fun workouts the whole family can get involved in on her Brooke Burke Body App. “It’s been a saving grace of connection. I have people that reached out to me saying ‘I’m stuck at home, I can’t go to my class, thank you for doing this’. ‘Thank you for showing me how to work out as a family. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to,'” Brooke reflected during an EXCLUSIVE interview on the HollywoodLife Podcast. “We’ve created so many programs that are creative and fun, like kitchen towel burns, using water bottles, wine bottles, using our desk chair, and doing live streams on the computer with people all over the country, because we need eye contact, we need encouragement, we need motivation.”


The longtime Skechers spokeswoman and mother of four also offered her advice and words of encouragement for tightening up your midsection after having kids (something our editor-in-chief likes to call ‘mummy tummy!’) “It’s the ebbs and flows of life and hormones and the beautiful fascination journey that Mother Nature has given us as a woman! I would say start small and I would say don’t be afraid to mess it up a little bit. Fitness is not perfect. It’s rarely an isolated journey,” Brooke advised. “I really think finding comfort at home to be able to work out and commit to a program especially for women who are beginners who don’t know how to do it and might not have the body confidence that I’m hoping they will discover through completing a program. Start small.”

She continued, “Celebrate the things that you love about your body. Stop being unkind to yourself, you know this war of words. I’m starting to speak a lot about that with my community, this inner dialogue. We’re not being very nice friends to ourselves oftentimes as women. If you’re focusing on an area of your body, for example, mummy tummy, just make a commitment. Start a program, celebrate the improvements, go slow. Be kind to yourself.”

Another way Brooke finds joy in her workouts is through her partnership with Skechers and rocking their Arch Fit collection! “They just launched a new campaign for Arch Fit which is all about the insole and they’ve got 20 years of data surrounding it. They’re super comfortable, it’s almost like stepping into a cushion!” she raved.