Brooke Burke Advises Quarantine Couples To Schedule An At-Home Date Night: ‘Romance Takes Great Effort’

Romance doesn't have to be dead just because we're in quarantine! Brooke Burke gives her advice on spicing things up while in isolation.

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Brooke Burke
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke is still enjoying her “hot new romance” with boyfriend Scott Rigsby despite being quarantined, and she shared her advice on how couples can keep the romance alive during this time! “What I’m doing, because I’m a hopeless romantic and I don’t want to give up, I’m in this new relationship, I still want to date, I still want to get dressed up, I still want it to feel new and sexy, so I decided, we both committed to do a date night once a week at home,” she told in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “For example, I’m going to set a table for two, and I don’t mean let’s just go sit down and eat, I’m talking candles, I’m going to tablescape it, I’m going to go into my garden, and it doesn’t mean I get to go and buy all of these expensive table toppers, I’m going to use foliage and branches and candles, and my best crystal, and I’m going to make a beautiful meal, and I’m going to wash my hair, get out of my sweats, I’m going to put on something sexy, and I’m actually going to create the ambiance of a romantic setting, and recreate some of the things that we love when we’re out in the world, and do it at home.”

Brooke continued, “That takes great effort, it takes creativity, but one thing I know for sure is you have to make an effort, romance takes great effort, and I think it matters.” Along with Meghan King Edmonds and sex and intimacy coach Lila Darville, Brooke launched a podcast called “Intimate Knowledge” about intimacy, sex and relationships back in January on iHeartRadio. The trio have continued to record content despite the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, and found they have even more to discuss considering the current state of our lives.

“What’s really interesting about Meghan King Edmonds, Lila Darville and I is that we’re all so different — Lila’s out of the country with her husband and her children and her in-laws, Meghan is single at home with three kids, and I’m in this new sexy relationship and I have joint custody…so it’s really interesting the dynamic between the three of us,” Brooke explained. “We have such different lives, but during this time, what it really comes down to is scheduling things. People who talk about scheduling sex, it sounds so boring, it sounds like a meeting, it’s not about that, and it’s not about sex, it’s about intimacy and connection, and that’s what our podcast is about, it’s about making time to create intimate moments.”

The DWTS alum added, “It’s structure, it’s boundaries, and also a hell of a lot of compassion.” Be sure to listen to Intimate Knowledge on iHeartRadio. Also, if you’re looking for some at-home workouts, tune in to Brooke’s Instagram Lives!