Rihanna’s Pregnancy Photographer Says The Love Between Her & A$AP Rocky Is ‘Very Evident’

The photographer who shot Rihanna's recent pregnancy reveal photos, Miles Diggs (aka 'Diggzy') gives HollywoodLife the behind-the-lens details on the shoot.

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Rihanna, 33, broke the internet on January 31, when she announced to the world that she is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, 33. The couple revealed the news with a strikingly beautiful photo shoot, which showed RiRi’s bare pregnant belly. Fans had been speculating for months that the couple could be expecting, but when the time came to go on the record with her news, RiRi gave her fans everything they could have ever dreamed of when she enlisted the help of a celebrity photographer that she has grown to trust over the years.

Meet Miles Diggs, 27,  — aka Diggzy, who has snapped thousands of shots of the “Disturbia” singer since 2012. Diggzy was enlisted to meet up with the expectant couple on a recent cold, snowy day in NYC’s Harlem, a location he says was an “ode” to A$AP’s hometown neighborhood. Miles, a Jersey-born entrepreneur who got his first camera at age 10 and once dreamed of becoming a sports photographer, opened up in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife about his relationship with Rihanna, who he calls “the realest” person he’s ever worked with.

Diggzy, whom Vogue has deemed “fashion’s favorite paparazzi,” takes pride in making his subjects feel “comfortable and safe” in front of his lens. In the Q&A below, he explains how he was able to build a relationship of trust with the music and fashion superstar, plus he gives the behind-the-scenes details on the new pregnancy photos, and shares his observations on the future mom and dad’s strong bond:

How has this week been for you? Is it overwhelming turning into the most talked-about photographer overnight?
I wouldn’t call it overwhelming, just another day in the life for me, honestly. You know, for me it was really just an amazing moment, but I’m back to work as normal.

Nice! So for some background, how long have you known Rihanna and A$AP, and was the location in Harlem a nod to his roots? Yeah, Harlem was where he was born and raised, and it was definitely an ode. I’m close to Ri, I’ve never really met them like that [as a couple]. I’ve been photographing her for at least ten years and over time, we’ve grown closer.

It was freezing that day in New York City when you photographed Rihanna and A$AP revealing her pregnancy. How fast were you able to capture those beautiful shots? Yeah it was, it was [cold]. It was very quick. Thirty seconds. We wanted to make sure that she was warm, especially because she had her bare skin out.

MIles Diggs
Diggzy steps in front of the lens. (Courtesy Of Miles Diggs)

Wow! Thirty seconds. Great job! Were they happy with the coverage? Definitely. It was a special moment. I mean, this was one of the biggest breaking news stories of the world.

Yes it was! And the specific location under the bridge, is that something that you came up with? Yeah, I just really loved how everything fell into place there, just the way it was. I couldn’t have planned it out any better.

How did that process go? Did you guys plan it together, or did Rihanna and A$AP just show up ready to roll without any pre-planning of the specific shots? It was somewhere in the middle I’m really not at liberty to say much more.

What are some of her other iconic looks that you have you photographed, that our readers would identify with? Most of her New York street style from 2012 through now has been stuff I’ve shot really heavily, especially in 2014-2018, all of those years. There’s the iconic photo of her in this giant red heart fur coat, it’s literally shaped like a heart and that’s one of her most iconic outfits. [I’ve been shooting her since I was in] high school or college. It’s been a while. [I was just] getting my toes wet in the business as a newcomer. I just really happened to love her from a fan perspective and just happened to cross paths [with her] one day and that was just the first of many.

Rihanna was spotted leaving 1Oak in NYC with a fuzzy red heart jacket on September 5, 2016. (Diggzy/SplashNews)

Did your relationship just start to grow organically? She got used to seeing my face and would see the photos I would take. Coming out of her hotel or going out to dinner

When did you notice that she started warming up to you? It didn’t take long. She is a very good judge of character. It was probably when she followed me on Instagram a few months in, that’s when we were able to start growing. I was seeing her almost on a daily basis so I was able to thank her in person. She was so cool and casual. It didn’t phase her one bit. That’s what I really love about her. She’s the realest. The biggest compliment I’ve gotten [in my career] is that I always make my subjects feel comfortable and safe in front of my lens.

Why do you think she trusts you as compared to other photographers out there? Transparency. I don’t take anything for granted. I am extremely humble. I would rather have a conversation than get a photo.

Rihanna wears a nightgown as she steps out for dinner in LA (Diggzy/Shutterstock)
Do you still identify as being a paparazzi? This is a whole new level of iconic status. I don’t want to say that I am no longer a paparazzi, I just wear the title differently from others. I don’t take offense. It’s not a negative thing. I’m a celebrity photographer, first. But I catch candid moments also. And that’s what a paparazzi is. And that doesn’t require you to have a negative relationship with the subject of the photographs. You can still be a decent human being. Respectable. And capture them in a flattering way.
Do you think she’s going to continue to take a break from the music biz? I don’t know. I think it’s really clear what her priorities are gonna be and she’ll deliver when she’s ready.
Did A$AP seem stoked during the shoot? They look so cute together. I mean, the vibe I was getting was just amazing. The love is very evident, and that’s what you like to see.
Any more talk of future shoots along the way? I would love to, but I don’t know. I’m an easy, go with the flow kind of person, and try to make myself as available as possible. But treating people as human beings, instead of the superstars that they are, just goes a long way.
I know the location where you took the pregnancy photos isn’t overly busy right now, but how careful did you have to be during the shoot not to attract attention? We were careful, and we got away with it. I think people are starting to go back and recreate the photos. I’ve been starting to see that.
Oh my god, yes! It’s probably an iconic Instagram model site right now. I’m looking forward to Halloween, is all I have to say.
You can check out more of Diggzy’s photography on his Instagram page.